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Anja Otto from Berlin says

Anja’s breakthrough moment will be; “Feeling proud to see athletes from United Kingdom take the podium to receive medals during the Paralympics.”


Anja Otto originally from Berlin is based at London Triton Square.

“I’ve been here for two and half years as the executive office facilitator. I am responsible for ensuring that the day to day work of our Senior Vice Presidents runs smoothly.  I also review the rollout of any new software in the UK for compatibility as well as being involved in various IT projects.”  Says Anja.
“Besides being very understanding about how Autism can affect my interactions and perceptions of the workplace, Atos has helped me in adapting my job, steering it towards those areas that are more suited to my talents i.e. processes and IT.”

Talking about her career so far, Anja says; “Since joining Atos, I feel proud of my career development. I’m also proud that more than any company I have ever worked for, Atos strives to stay ahead of the technology curve by paying attention to the latest innovation, like Clickshare and Condeco which we use in London and the upcoming OneDrive for business program which will be rolled out Globally.”

“It’s was great during the Olympic Games to see the United Kingdom overtake China in the number of medals won. Given that our population is significantly smaller… it was a true breakthrough moment!”
“During the Paralympics I’ll watch the Rugby, it’s awesome that even though some athletes were not born paralyzed they show no fear of collisions or heavy impact; it’s incredibly brave, especially as they have probably experienced how fragile the human body can be.”

Anja concludes, saying; “Like many things in life, that fact that most people don’t know of our involvement in the Paralympics and that it’s our talented teams working behind the scenes – it’s the best example what a great job we are doing.”

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