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Leon Emmen from The Netherlands says

“My breakthrough moment is confirmation that we have again kept our word to organize the greenest Olympic Games ever!”


Leon Emmen from The Netherlands is Sustainability Manager for Benelux & The Nordics, based in Amstelveen.

“I joined Atos in August 2011 and I’ve  just celebrated my 5 year anniversary!” Says Leon.  “As Sustainability Manager I’m responsible for managing and implementing our sustainability program strategy here in BTN.”

Reflecting on his life changing condition, Leon says; “In February 2015, I suddenly found myself in hospital with a life threatening sepsis. As a result of this illness, both my lower legs had to be amputated. The doctors said it was a miracle that I survivied!”

“During the most critical months in the Intensive Care Unit, Atos was extremely understanding and supportive towards my wonderful wife and daughter. I then spent 9 months in the hospital’s rehabilitation centre, recovering and learning how to walk again on prostheses. All this meant that I was unable to work for almost a year, but since I started my reintegration and back to work process, Atos really has been the most supportive employer I could have ever asked for!” Says Leon.

“Since joining, my proudest moment has to be the successful reintegration into Atos, it felt like a huge joint accomplishment between us. I’ve been proud to work here from the start, but seeing our presence (and performance) at the Olympics always ignites an extra feeling of great pride in my heart.” Says Leon.

“During Rio 2016 a breakthrough moment for me in my sustainability role, will be seeing the confirmation that we have again kept our word, which is organizing the greenest Olympic Games ever! It’s a huge accomplishment and important in the battle against climate change.”

“When it comes to sport, I used to run, play football and golf. I still play golf and one day I hope it will become a Paralympic sport! I’ve recently taken up handbiking and Paravolley and I’m still passionate about watching athletics and swimming.”

“I play Paravolley in the Dutch highest division and made the preliminary selection for the Dutch team working towards the next few big tournaments (including Tokyo 2020), but had to pass on the opportunity: I couldn’t combine it timewise with my family and my career within Atos, which are my main priorities at the moment.”

“During the Paralympics the handbiking and thriathlon will be the ones for me to watch. For both, Dutchman Jetze Plat is the man everybody expects to win, but will he deliver I wonder? I hope so. It’s a shame The Netherlands didn’t qualify for the Paravolley!”

“I think our work at the Olympic Games shows that Atos can deliver top-class work in extremely difficult circumstances and under such intense pressure. There are no second chances in the Olympic finals. For Atos, every day is a final during the Olympics.”

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