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Ayaz Mirza says

“My breakthrough moment came when we managed to form a solid process through which joiners to Atos could be seamlessly be on-boarded”


AyazAyaz Mirza from Pakistan is an IT Security Officer and IT Manager for the Middle East and has been with Atos since 2013.

“My proudest moment has so far been when I was promoted to Middle East IT Manager. Having had no formal education in IT I have worked very hard to self-teach and upskill myself and I am now very proud to say I am handling the whole internal IT for the Middle East. I hope to achieve even more in the future.”

He says; “For me the breakthrough happened when I realized that due to my efforts and those of the team involved – HR, Finance and Quality – we managed to form a solid process through which new staff joining Atos can seamlessly be on-boarded. This was a huge achievement as it had not been organized before and forms part of the first positive impression of Atos when a new joiner comes into the company.”

“During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games I will be spending my evenings watching all the possible games I can, and will probably have some sociable ‘bets’ with my friends, just to make it even more exciting!”

“I love playing soccer, cricket, snooker and pool. During Rio 2016 I am interested in seeing as much as I can! I am a huge fan of the Olympics and I am proud that Atos has been such a long standing IT partner of the Games.”

“Our work for the Olympic Games says so much about our capabilities. I believe it puts us at the centre and also at the leading edge of IT innovation, alongside stability, strength and reliability. I also believe it helps us greatly in our aim to power the progress of our clients business.”

Please thank Ayaz for sharing his great breakthrough moment story with everyone.

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