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Beltrán Cafranga says

“My breakthrough moments are when the team is recognized for global leadership in aeronautics services, quality and dedication”


Beltrán Cafranga Bohórquez from Spain is a technical leader. He says; “I have been with Atos since September 2011 and I am involved in several projects providing support in different areas.”

He says. “Since joining my proudest moment is when during my daily work I experience positive results while supporting my colleagues to increase their motivation.”

What breakthrough moment in Atos can you share with you? “Well, in the past years, our team has been recognized several times both in Atos and by the customer, for our global leadership in aeronautic services and for our quality and work dedication.”

“I love lots of sports and I usually practice football and tennis. I like watching tennis and athletics competitions.”

Beltran says; “During the Rio 2016 Games I am most looking forward to the opening ceremony. It’s an extraordinary event! It’s such an exciting moment that awakens each athlete’s expectations which have been built from the previous four years of hard work and dedication.”

“I believe that the Olympic Games project is when Atos brings people, technology, sport and business together in a really incredible way. It is the greatest show on earth, and we are showing companies out in the markets the many talents of our people who can deliver the same to any company!”

Please thank Beltrán for sharing his great story.

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