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Giorgio Ancona says

“My breakthrough moment came when I recognized that the BDS service line plays an integral role in the security of the Rio 2016 Games”


Giorgio Ancona, part of GBU CEE is Head of BDS in Italy and has been with Atos since 2012.

“My proudest moment was in 2013 when I was selected to be part of the intake of 7 to the Gold program. During this exciting experience, I had the opportunity to enrich my personal capabilities and better understand Atos’ innovative spirit. It really broadened my international mindset and strengthened my knowledge about what leads to changes.”

He says; “A breakthrough moment for me came in 2015, when I moved from my responsibilities with Atos Worldgrid and took on a new role in Atos Italy in my current position as Head of Big Data & Security. It was a completely new Service Line for Italy so I was started from a green field position; it was a really exciting moment and I’ve encountered some amazing challenges so far!”

“During the Olympic Games I will feel proud to know that it will be our teams securely delivering the games and that the BDS Service Line will be right there, playing a key part in the security of the Games! And from this I would expect an immediate return for Atos in terms of new business opportunities and brand image.” Says Giorgio.

“In the past I used to take part in Judo, and whenever possible nowadays I watch Judo. I also like Fencing and Rugby.”

“During the games I’m most looking forward to the 100m men’s final in the Olympic Stadium. The power, speed and the strength they show… in less than 10 seconds is awesome! I am fascinated to know if Usain Bolt will once again make history at Rio 2016” says Giorgio.

“Our work for the Olympic Games demonstrates the clearest picture of our DNA, which includes innovation combined with quality of service and performance.”

Let’s thanks Giorgio for sharing this great story.

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