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Özlem Yavuz from Turkey says

“A breakthrough moment for me was when Atos acquired Xerox ITO in 2015”


Özlem Yavuz from Turkey is a Global HR Business Partner for the MS Global Delivery team. She joined Atos in 2011 as part of the merger with Siemens IT Services.

“Since joining Atos, a really proud moment for me was when we launched together with Bolloré Group the first 100% electric corporate car fleet to support our very important “Zero Carbon” initiative. That was in 2012, says Özlem”.

“Then the acquisition in 2015 of Xerox ITO that was a breakthrough moment for me, as this meant a very big leap forwards in terms of Atos becoming a global leader in digital services.”

“Now in 2016 I’m most looking forward to watching the opening ceremony this summer and feeling proud to know that it’s our team of business technologists running the IT behind the scenes at the world’s largest sporting event.”

“It’s a huge challenge to ensure that everything is guaranteed to run faultlessly from start to finish, and I will be with them all the way. I’ll support them by following the Rio team progress on social media.”

“The fact that running the IT for the Olympic Games is equivalent to setting up and running the IT for a company of 200,000 employees addressing 4 billion customers, operating 24/7 and moving to a new territory every two years shows clearly that we have the Olympic spirit thanks to the knowledge, experience and passion that our people put into it.” She says.

“During the Rio games I’m looking forward to watching the Athletics, especially the 100m race in anticipation of a new world record!”

“Let’s all spread the word about the excellent work Atos are doing for the Olympics.” Says Özlem.

Let’s all say a big thanks to Özlem for sharing her great story.

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