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Sebastian Austen from Hanover says

“My breakthrough moment was my contribution to winning and successfully delivering one of our largest consulting deals!”


Sebastian Austen from Hanover is a Junior Management Consultant working in the IT Strategy and Governance team of Consulting and Systems Integration (C&SI) in Germany.

“I joined Atos in 2011 as part of a dual study program, then in 2014 I moved over to Management Consulting. Since joining, my proudest moment was my successful participation the GenY program for C&SI here in Germany.”

“The focus of this program and our associated blueKiwi community is to give the younger generation and those who are new to the working world here in C&SI Germany some very positive encouragement to progress their career within Atos. I think it’s great that Atos invests in young talents this way.”

“A breakthrough moment for me was my contribution to winning a large consulting deal with a strategic customer, being chosen to work on that particular project was indeed a very proud breakthrough moment and today it still drives me to always aim higher in what I do.”

“I used to compete in archery on state and national level during high school and recently took it up again, training to pick up the thread of former successes. During Rio 2016 I’m most looking forward to seeing the 100m sprint because sometimes it comes down to just milliseconds that decides who takes first and second place – I guess just like in many areas of IT.”

“When I think about what our work for the Olympic Games says about our capabilities,

I think about the Olympic motto ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ (faster, higher, stronger). For me, this also applies to how we work at Atos – always striving to become better in what we do.”

Let’s all say a BIG thank you to Sebastian for sharing his great story.

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