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Julien Bensaid says

“It will be a breakthrough moment if I manage to sign our biggest analytics deal during the Games!”


“My name is Julien Bensaid and I have been with Atos for almost four years. I was born in the UK and have lived in The Netherlands for the last 20 years. I’ve also lived in Hong Kong, Germany and for shorter periods in a few other places like Norway and Cyprus.”

“I have two job titles.” Says Julien. “Global Head of Testing and Global Head of BI, Big Data, ECM and Analytics. Since joining Atos, my proudest moment was when we won our major testing deal last year. It was a tough bid process, yet against all the odds we came through and secured the deal. I can clearly remember receiving the good news whilst on holiday and I literally jumped for joy! It was such a major milestone, I was extremely proud.”

“A breakthrough moment for me during the Olympic games would be to sign our biggest analytics deal ever.”

“When it comes to sports, I religiously watch the annual Six Nations rugby tournament and enjoy the Rugby World Cup, and I catch as many of the other international tournaments and test matches as I can. England’s recent Test Series win in Australia was something else that got me jumping with joy.”

“Like so many people during Rio 2016, the 100m mens and womens track races will be the ones to watch. I’ll also be watching the decathlon and of course I am very much looking forward to seeing the rugby, which is a new event in 2016.”

“I have been lucky enough to see the Olympics in operation behind the scenes both in Rio and Barcelona and believe me, it is seriously impressive.” He says. “It demonstrates unequivocally our world-class capability and how cutting-edge we are.”

“The Olympics also proves that within the range of technology we touch and the variety of business-processes that are supported or made possible, there is direct relevance to just about every market and line of business out there.”

“In summary, we have a fantastic and truly differentiating story to tell all of our customers about what we can do for them across the entire spectrum of Digital Transformation.”

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