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Gladys Oon says

“A breakthrough moment was when I earned the trust of the client and they said well done”


Gladys Oon based in our Hong Kong office is a Global Account Executive for the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) account.

Gladys who has been with Atos for 16 years says; “A breakthrough moment for me was when we earnt the customer’s trust during a critical incident, at the time hearing the customer say “well done” despite the difficult situation was truly immense.”

“During the games I’m looking forward to seeing the diving and synchronized swimming because its this kind of water and dance acrobatics that requires extremely strong teamwork to perform with such perfectly timed graceful rhythmic movements. It is an amazing performance!”

“Our work for the Olympic Games says a lot about our capabilities. The IT provided by Atos plays an essential role in making the Games successful. With around 300,000 athletes, officials, sponsors and media accessing the Olympic Games venues, security at the Olympics is of the utmost importance.”

“Nevertheless, I’ll spread the word about how we provide a secure, cloud IT infrastructure for the Games and the accreditation system which was built and managed by Atos and hosted in the cloud for Rio 2016, which proves Atos’ worldwide position in the IT sphere.”

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