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Bijit Mazumder from the UK says

“My breakthrough moment will be to establish a new growth engine for our SAP business”


“My name is Bijit Mazumder. I grew up in Kenya (East Africa), and have been living in the UK for 17 years. I have been with the organisation for over 13 years now in various roles across our business. I am currently the Global Head of SAP Operations for Atos.”

“I joined through the Graduate Program and it’s been a perpetual pursuit of progress since then.” Says Bijit.

“I have always believed that pride is a mindset. Every day I take pride in knowing that we sincerely put our clients at the heart of everything we do, and continue to nurture and attract the best talents and experts from around the globe.”

“When I look back over the 13 years, I remember many events in Atos that I consider as special. Each one distinctly different in their own way, here I have three examples of my proudest moments.”

1- Being selected for the first ever GOLD Program with HEC;

2- Having the opportunity to work closely with our Top Management in my role as Chairman of the Wellbeing@Work Global Council to shape our people focused initiatives;

3- Realising the tangible results of value created for a key client. This involved leading, from end-to-end, a very innovative global engagement which was to design, build, implement and then maintain a digital interactive retail solution for a leading sportswear brand.

“One of my most memorable breakthrough moments came early in my career, when I was responsible for leading the UNIX business in UK&I, which was made up of around 150 experts at the time.”

“The level of maturity in the group was very high, having gone through several years of incremental improvements, and we held a strong reputation in the market. We were in a privileged position and could have chosen to simply maintain our standards, but we strived to go much further, we aimed to be the best! However, this required transformational change rather than more incremental improvements and would require a fundamental shift in the way we operate.”

“This breakthrough moment was not just about the idea, or the proactivity with which the concept and plans were put together, it was more about the positive way in which the organisation, including the Management at the time, responded. The proposal was fully supported through individual and collective expertise to ensure that the implementation was a complete succes!”

“This firmly established my belief that we are an organisation that truly stands for progressive change.”

“During the Olympics I hope to achieve another breakthrough moment, as I am currently working on plans to set-up a new Centre of Excellence based on HANA, S/4HANA, and SAP Cloud Solutions. This will serve as a sustainable growth engine for the SAP Business across Atos and ensure we advance our positioning in the market. I anticipate that by the time new records are being set at the Olympics, we will be establishing solid plans to set new growth records for our SAP Business too!”

“During the Rio 2016 Games I’m looking forward to the Gymnastics which demonstrates what can be achieved through control of form and strength. Athletics is another, and in particular the 100m Track event where the explosive power of the athletes is awesome to see! And lastly the Aquatics (Diving), which is all about velocity and precision.”

“Our work for the Olympic Games demonstrates the confidence that the IOC has in Atos. We have a flawless track record which speaks volumes about our capabilities, says Bijit. It’s a testament to our ability to deliver large and highly visible programs against immovable deadlines. It’s also a clear demonstration that we are able to master technology and apply it in the most effective manner regardless of the context, scale, and complexity of the challenge or opportunity.”

Thanks to Bijit for this amazing story!

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