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The first stadium purpose-designed for the Olympic Games was built in White City for the London 1908 Olympic Games, and became an instant template for future stadium design.  Construction of ‘The Great Stadium’ stimulated development in West London in the same way that over a century later the London 2012 Olympic Games stimulated huge regeneration in East London.

Alongside the building of the physical infrastructure, each new Olympic Games needs an IT backbone in place.  While much of this has a physical element, some of the core IT systems from Atos are now managed by a Rio 2016 partner cloud solution so innovations can continue to guarantee fantastic experiences.  Through this cloud foundation that is delivered together with other technology partners, we are providing the critical Games Management system for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

The Games Management System supports the planning and operations of the Games: accreditation for 300,000+; sport entries and qualification; medical encounter reports; workforce management and the volunteer portal to recruit and support 50,000 volunteers.

And beyond Rio 2016, the delivery of a new secure cloud IT infrastructure to support all Olympic Games from 2018 onwards is a major milestone in digital transformation.  Delivering the Games Management systems as well as the Information Diffusion systems over the cloud.

The Information Diffusion Systems is a group of systems that will deliver real-time results to the media and the Olympic and Paralympic family. This includes the Commentator Information System (CIS) delivering real-time competition results and athlete information, and myInfo+, providing information to media, athletes, judges, coaches and sponsors.

The new cloud infrastructure is built using Canopy, the Atos cloud and with EMC as strategic delivery partner.

We’re pioneers of innovative and intelligent cloud design.

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