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The Olympic Customer Journey

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The global audience for the Olympic Games has an increasingly wide choice of how, when and where they consume the Olympics.  We are providing the Olympic data-feed – the source that supplies the world with the raw content to empower this choice.

In order to provide the very best customer experience, it’s essential to understand how customer journeys work, then to develop and stress-test these for multiple scenarios.  With this in mind, the Olympic Games planning (for the audience not actually present at the venues in Rio) should be undertaken and refined just like other commercial engagements, driven by defining customer journeys.

We might consider the Olympic journey for the ‘home spectator’ as falling into three parts: pre-Olympics, during the live Olympics, and post-Olympics.

Pre-Olympics: a home spectator might want to be among the first to hear about upcoming Olympic events and news on athletes, then share this with workplace colleagues and with friends and family more widely.  He or she wants as much information with as little effort as possible, and ideally want all the information via one website.

During-Olympics: they want a consistent experience regardless of the channels or devices they are using.  They want personalisation, and a level of perceived exclusivity.  Over all, they want the very best event experience, using the platform(s) of their choosing.

Post-Olympics: our spectator may be inspired to renew a focus on keeping fit – they may even take up a new sport or resume one they’d not engaged in for a while.  Ultimately, they may decide they want to be a real part of the action, and plan to attend Tokyo 2020 in person!

From the technology point of view, some of the ‘customer wants’ implied in the above journey will include the following: real-time data feeds, easy to use applications, personalisation, reliability, flexibility, and Omni channel choice.

From our side – as the data-feed provider – this means we must relay real-time feeds of accurate and complete data, powering the Commentator Information System and enabling our technology partners and the wider Olympic broadcast community to provide a single customer view, and deliver intuitive and personalised interfaces.

Without an understanding of how the data we originate will be used in practice by end-users in different countries and cultures, we wouldn’t provide the fullest, richest input.  Which is why the customer journey is our journey.

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