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Nothing beats a full-on, real-time rehearsal

Practice makes perfect


There are events. And there are global events. And then there are the Olympic Games.

The world’s largest sporting event starts on the minute and everything must be guaranteed to run faultlessly from start to finish. Every result from every event must be guaranteed available for digital consumption within 0.5 seconds of the judges’ decision. Millions of IT security events are expected for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As official Worldwide IT Partner of the Olympic Games, we are charged with testing every process and application with a zero-defect tolerance level.

Between August 2014 and May 2016 Atos completed a record 200,000 hours of IT testing including testing the technology at the 44 sport test events, and testing IT systems, such as Accreditation and the Volunteer Portal, that are managed in the cloud for the first time at a Summer Olympic Games.

But when it comes to operational readiness testing there’s nothing that can beat a full-on, real-time, real-world rehearsal. This saw nearly 1000 operational scenario challenges thrown at the technology IT team. These were wide and various in nature and included a flood, network disconnection, power failures, changes to the competition schedule and IT security attacks, across the 22 Olympic venues.

“Simulating real events at real venues under conditions very close to those during the actual Games allows us to fully prepare all the key players involved to ensure a successful Olympic Games” said Patrick Adiba, Group Chief Commercial Officer, CEO of Major Events at Atos. “Testing both the technology IT systems and our teams’ readiness is crucial to our success as the largest sports IT contract holder.”

Operational excellence isn’t achieved without a deep-rooted commitment to testing. And when it comes to the crunch in real test environments, we’re used to extremes of scale, size and complexity: we ensure fully operational capability from space agency systems and satellites to simulators and control systems for nuclear power stations.

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