“Canopy unveils latest Cloud solutions to meet shift in customer needs ”

Las Vegas, EMC World, 8 May 2013

Helping CIOs Deliver on the promise of Cloud with pragmatic tools

Canopy, an Atos company powered by EMC and VMware, is a market-leading one-stop shop for Cloud services. One year after the creation of this company it reveals its strengthened solution portfolio at EMC World where it is a Gold sponsor, taking place in Las Vegas, 6-9th May, Booth 342. The new solutions respond to an industry shift to a more flexible and cost effective model for organisations.


The alliance between EMC, VMware and Atos continues and both the Canopy platform and private cloud offerings are based on best-of-breed technology from EMC, VMware and VCE to provide Cloud solutions and operations that offer the highest level of integrity, reliability and security.


The market for Cloud services is expected to grow as organisations of all sizes look to realise the benefits of the Cloud – reduced capital expenditure; transparent pricing through a pay per use model and technology that offers increased flexibility and agility so they can react faster to changes in the market and their own business that demand a more flexible and cost effective model.


Chris Ingle, Vice President, Consulting at IDC said:” IDC's engagements with organisations of all kinds reveal that traditional approaches to data centre infrastructure, delivering applications and data analytics are inadequate to meet the changing needs of the business. In response, the ICT industry is in the midst of a once every 20 year shift to a new technology platform for growth and innovation. These new solutions from Canopy are part of that industry move to a more flexible and cost effective model for organisations to transform the way they build, operate and consume IT"


The collaboration between EMC, VMware and Atos has resulted in Canopy releasing new solutions that directly address these changing needs:


  • Canopy Enterprise Private Cloud solution - transforms data centre infrastructure by allowing organisations to get all the benefits of cloud computing (business agility, reduce complexity and cost, improve ROI) without losing control over security and service levels.
  • Canopy Next Generation Workspace solution -helps to unshackle users from being tied to a single device: users can access their applications and data from wherever they are, on whatever device they choose, with a high quality user experience. It's a solution that's secure, collaborative and mobile — enabling to improve user productivity, reduce desktop complexity and TCO, and improve business agility.
  • Canopy Realtime Business Platform powered by SAP HANA® transforms the way organisations analyse data, enabling them to make business decisions in realtime to gain business advantage.

Jacques Pommeraud, CEO at Canopy, said: “Cloud is the future of IT services and we recognise that the best way to address this growing market is to provide a one-stop shop for our clients. We created Canopy to help organisations transform the way they build, operate and consume IT by taking advantage of cloud computing. The new private cloud solutions we are announcing today illustrate our commitment to help organisations solve some of their toughest IT challenges through new approaches"


Terry Breen, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances at EMC: “EMC remains focused on delivering business value and technology for customers as they transform IT. We are excited to see that the options for IT organizations seeking control without sacrificing trust are expanded through Canopy's new private cloud solutions powered by EMC technologies."


Dan Smoot, senior vice president, Customer Operations, VMware: “Canopy is building and delivering enterprise private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions built on a foundation of VMware infrastructure. The combination of leading technology solutions from VMware, EMC and VCE, along with world-class industry and service delivery from Atos gives Canopy a robust set of offerings to help customers transform the way they construct and consume IT.”


Todd Pavone, Executive Vice President, Products, VCE: "Converged infrastructure plays a critical role as organisations transform their data centre infrastructures to overcome the limitations of legacy approaches. By selecting the VCE Specialised System for SAP HANA® to be at the heart of the Canopy Realtime Business Platform, Canopy is able to offer faster time to value and the highest levels of availability and application performance."


Canopy offerings include IAAS, PAAS, SAAS and Cloud Advisory services. and clients are able to choose whether to run the solution off- or on-premise and select a private, public or a hybrid solution to best meet their business needs.
Headquartered in London, Canopy provides Cloud services from dedicated infrastructures in order to ensure its customers' data protection and security, complying with all relevant regulations.

About Canopy


Canopy, an Atos company powered by EMC and VMware technology, is a one-stop-shop that offers cloud services focussed exclusively on bringing the benefits of cloud delivery to large public and multinational private sector organizations. The anticipated benefits are substantial – IT cost reduction and capex avoidance through flexible pricing models plus access to innovative and agile technology that can enable rapid cloud implementation and faster time to market for products and services. The Canopy offerings are based on open standards so customers can choose their preferred technology and decide whether to run solutions off- or on-premise to best meet their business needs. Headquartered in London (UK) Canopy currently operates in 6 countries across 3 continents.


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