“Atos Origin, a World Leader in Smart Energy”

Paris, 31st March 2010

  • Atos Origin announces today its new offer Atos Worldgrid™
  • Atos Origin intends to set up a standalone subsidiary “Atos Worldgrid” by the end of Q2 2010
  • With over 1 000 engineers, 150 m€ revenue and a double digit growth, Atos Worldgrid will be a world leader in smart energy

Atos Origin, a leading international IT services company, announces another cornerstone of its innovation strategy at a press conference held in Paris today. The Group launches a new innovative offering including solutions for smart utilities and energy, enabling energy efficiencies and carbon savings. Beyond this offer, the Group announces its willingness to create “Atos Worldgrid”, an international subsidiary focused on these challenging subjects. This project illustrates the differentiation strategy that Atos Origin has announced and delivered since January 2009. Further announcements on the Group innovation strategy will be made during third and fourth quarter 2010.

Atos Worldgrid, a new world leader in Smart Energy

As Atos Origin is convinced that smart energy solutions are key to a sustainable growth as well as critical for economic competition in the energy sector, it has launched the project of a new subsidiary - “Atos Worldgrid” – to grow even faster in this domain. This subsidiary is to be set up at the end of June 2010. Atos Origin will expand further its leadership in emerging and promising countries such as India and Brazil, alone or in partnership with large industrials in order to expand further.

Atos Worldgrid revenues including digital control systems in energy and utilities are forecasted over 150 M€ in 2010 with a target to double by 2014.

“ At our second innovation press conference I am delighted to be able to explain in more detail how through our innovative solutions for smart energy, we are helping our clients succeed in their business objectives while meeting consumer demand and complying with new regulations,” said Thierry Breton, CEO and Chairman for Atos Origin. “Adding our international scope, existing assets and solutions with our high level of expertise, I am convinced that Atos Worldgrid will be a worldwide leader in smart energy.”

Pioneer in Smart Energy worldwide

Utility suppliers are facing an unprecedented and permanent change in the way they interact with their customer in the production, transport, storage and delivery of energy or water. Atos Origin is at the forefront of the technologies which sustain demand reduction, modernization of transport & distribution networks to significantly reduce their costs, as long as real time control of their utility assets in order to follow consumer demand.

Atos Worldgrid will capitalize on over 20 years of expertise, Intellectual Property Rights assets and international success which already bring tangible leadership recognition:

  • Atos Origin is the sole large IT supplier to provide IT nuclear digital control systems
  • Atos Origin is the sole large IT supplier to provide over 20 years in Service Support on nuclear plant digital control systems or State Grid management systems
  • Atos Origin is the first prime contractor for the biggest program of smart meters deployment as of today

Three examples of the latest developments of Atos Origin in the Energy and Utility sectors are following:

  • Atos Origin is the first IT services company to manage such a large scale implementation of smart meters in Europe - targeting 35 million meters being installed for French Distribution System Operator ERDF. The smart meter solutions developed by Atos Origin help Smart Utilities to meet three goals: lower costs; improved delivery and more efficient services to home and business users and a reduction of energy usage by regulating the network. At the beginning of March, ERDF started the operation of its new IT platform of its Linky project.

  • Atos Origin will deliver to China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (CNPE) four non-classified state of the art digital control systems and a full scope simulation system for extensive operator training and plant operations engineering. Under the subcontract to Invensys Systems Inc. for the Fuqing Nuclear Plant in Fujian Province and the Fang Jiashan Nuclear Plant in Zhejiang Province, the systems will be based on ADACS™ (Advanced Data Acquisition & Control System). The Atos Origin platform is designed to satisfy specific nuclear power industry requirements including functions aimed at improving the safety, reliability and efficiency of nuclear power plants operations.
  • Atos Origin is delivering an innovative Real Time system to control & manage a gas pipe for Wingas, a major German gas transporter. For the first time a unique system will gather the commercial, physical dispatching and capability to adapt quickly to the changing regulations rules. This provides the operator a unique advantage, operating cost reduction and process optimization, thanks to real time status of its pipe and of the contract status"

Smart energy for sustainability

Atos Worldgrid innovative solutions hold one of the major keys to reducing the CO2 emissions. According to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative, ‘IT's largest influence will be by enabling energy efficiencies in other sectors, an opportunity that could deliver carbon savings five times larger than the total emissions from the entire ICT sector in 2020.' By developing solutions for energy metering and monitoring use, Atos Origin uses its skills, resources and technologies to help its clients adopt an sustainable growth model.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is a leading international information technology (IT) services company, providing hi-tech transactional services, consulting, systems integration and managed operations to deliver business outcomes globally. The company's annual revenues are EUR 5.1 billion and it employs 50,000 people. Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has a client base of international companies across all sectors. Atos Origin is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market and trades as Atos Origin, Atos Worldline and Atos Consulting.

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