“Atos Origin enables Digital Working Environment for state schools in Hauts-de-Seine, France”

Paris, the 24th of February 2010

An integrated services solution to create a complete and sustainable DWE The result of a close partnership between the Ministry of National Education and the Departmental Council of Hauts-de-Seine for promoting open, communicative schooling, which facilitates learning and sharing, the future Digital Working Environment (ENT92) for state schools in Hauts-de-Seine has just been entrusted to Atos Origin. An innovator in this field, the Departmental Council of Hauts-de-Seine has opted for the solution proposed by Atos Origin of a single collaborative portal that is complete, integrated and scalable. Atos Origin is taking on a commitment to results over the full range of services – integration, deployment and operation in ASP mode – and is signing up to the objective of a positive contribution at social, economic and environmental levels.

ENT92, a single portal, based on ITOP NetCollège 2.01 technologies, secure and accessible via Internet 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, will offer to some 180,000 participants in the field of education - teachers, administrative personnel, college students, parents – a full and integrated package of digital services ranging from the management of absences, notes, material over Intranet, access to digital resources… to the OMT “time management” solution. ENT92 is the only programme in France to offer a range as complete as this of integrated services. This new collaborative portal will enable new uses to be created depending on the needs of each user, wherever he or she may be: for example, a student will be able to connect from home, from where he/she is on holiday, even from hospital in order to maintain a direct link with his/her school; for a parent living at a distance from his/her child, it will open up the possibility of following the child's school career more closely, etc.

“Atos Origin knew how to offer a single, complete, easily deployable and reusable solution, just like we imagined and wanted, which best responds to the needs of schools and to our objectives with regard to quality of service and sustainable development" explains the Departmental Council of Hauts-de-Seine. “Sustainable development, in its environmental, social and economic dimensions, has been taken into account during the design of ENT92, and Atos Origin, a major player in virtualisation services and Green IT, has given its end to end guarantee with regard to the project.”

From an environmental perspective, the choice of a single, centralized DWE makes it possible to group the servers together, pool them and host them in a single site. This will result in a fourfold reduction in the number of existing servers, a lower electricity bill and a decrease in paper printing, along with fewer journeys for maintenance purposes. The solution chosen is the best able to meet the Hauts-de-Seine Departmental Council's target: “no needless paper - no needless travel - no needless waste”.

From a social perspective, the ENT92 makes a positive contribution in many areas: fighting against the digital divide, training children in the jobs of the future, facilitating the link between parents and school, reintegrating young people who are failing at school through new uses, etc.

Finally, from an economic perspective, ENT92 offers a new economic model, which is sustainable in the long term and helps to maintain and create local jobs as well as support and boost all the companies contributing to the project.

“We are proud of having been chosen by the Departmental Council of Hauts-de-Seine for its ENT92 project, whose economic model is currently one of a kind in France. Atos Origin has proved its ability to provide high-quality services on time and within budget, and is confirming its commitment alongside the State and local authorities to constantly improving the services provided to users." Hervé de Colnet, Market Manager Public Sector, Atos Origin in France.

About the Departmental Council of Hauts-de-Seine:
ENT92 is part of the Digital environment for state schools (ENC92). In concertation with the French National education ministry, this program sets up an information system in schools with a view to synergizing a series of initiatives, such as cabling in schools, the diversification of equipment, and the provision of practical and educational digital resources via a Digital Work Environment (DWE)-type software platform. ENC92 is a strategic action plan to rapidly allow each school in Hauts-de-Seine to fully enter the digital era

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About Atos Origin
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