“Sustainability is good for business, according to business leaders”

London, UK – 27 March 2009

Atos Origin provides advice on how to embed sustainability At a recent event hosted by Atos Origin, business leaders from the private and public sectors unanimously agreed that sustainability equals good business sense. In the current economic climate, organisations that embrace drivers for sustainability will reap the rewards of market opportunities and efficient business operations.

With speakers from London 2012, World Wildlife Fund For Nature, EDF Energy, Prince of Wales Accounting For Sustainability Project and Atos Origin, the discussion at the event focussed on the challenges that organisations face today in terms of sustainability. These include compliance with new regulations and compliance initiatives; how to demonstrate sustainability credentials to clients and investors, and how to ensure a sustainable supply chain. From the discussion, it became apparent that today, sustainability is being pushed rather then pulled by the business. That is to say that boards and senior management are setting a clear direction and targets, and that performance is being measured against these.

Giles Hutchins, Associate Partner and Head of Sustainability Solutions at Atos Origin who chaired the event, concluded the discussion by outlining the next steps that he believes businesses should be taking in order to embed sustainability into the organisation:

  • Improve sustainability reporting by integrating it into operational and financial performance in anticipation of the new regulations. Measuring, tracking and reporting the sustainability initiatives will enable companies to ascertain which initiatives generate the most carbon - cost savings are crucial here.
  • Lead initiatives from the top and obtain buy-in at all levels across the organisation by focusing new initiatives on embedding sustainability into the heart of the decision-making process.
  • Drive behavioural change by introducing sustainability policies and incentives to encourage lifestyle changes at work and at home.

If you would like to speak with Giles Hutchins in more depth about what was discussed at the event, the sustainability challenges that businesses are facing and his recommendations about how these can best be overcome and what organisations need to do to become more sustainable, please contact:

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