“PaySquare transfers office automation and business applications to Atos Origin”

Utrecht, 21 January 2008

Quint Wellington Redwood mediates contract negotiations
PaySquare, the specialised partners organisations can contact if they wish to accept and/or issue international means of payment, has transferred management of office automation and business applications to Atos Origin. The contract was mediated via Quit Wellington Redwood consultancy. Over the course of 2008, PaySquare will gradually transfer workplace management and all data center activities to Atos Origin, which will support the financial services provider for a five year period.

PaySquare is the specialised partner for accepting and issuing international means of payment. In addition to issuing a wide variety of MasterCards® and Visa credit cards, PaySquare a license holder and one of the Benelux's biggest players when it comes to accepting MasterCard, Visa, JCB, China UnionPay, Maestro, V PAY and – thanks to a unique joint venture – American Express. PaySquare is the first credit card organisation in the Benelux to provide such a wide variety of international means of payment.

In a continually changing European payment means market, PaySquare wanted an ICT partner with a good track record in the financial services industry, one that would be flexible regarding PaySquare's planned ICT developments. PaySquare selected Atos Origin, which distinguished itself thanks to its professionalism, commitment and transparency.

Peter Kwakernaak, Corporate Strategy & Business Support manager at PaySquare, explains: “ICT may be the vehicle our business runs on, but it isn't our core competence. As a commercial party in a competitive market, we were looking for a partner that could support us in the dynamic environment we operate in. Flexibility and professionalism are becoming increasingly important factors in ensuring our ICT environment is capable of supporting further expansion of our business. That Quint also supported us in developing our own ICT management systems was an essential element.”

Ton van de Berg, Executive Vice President Sales & Client Management at Atos Origin. “PaySquare is a leading party in the field of international methods of payment. The choice for Atos Origin proves that our business is a good partner for organisations requiring both reliability and flexibility from their ICT services.”
“At Quint, we are glad to have been able to make a significant contribution to the creation of this relationship. The PaySquare project underlines our expertise in the financial services market, where we have been managing large-scale consultancy jobs in the fields of outsourcing and management.” says Frits Beijnink, consultant with Quint Wellington Redwood.

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