“Banksys, BASE, Mobistar and Proximus launch payments by GSM”

Brussels, 20 March 200

Banksys, BASE, Mobistar and Proximus launch secure payments by GSM. This service is accessible to anyone having a Bancontact/Mister Cash bank card and a GSM operating on one of the three Belgian mobile telephone networks.

This is a new step forward in the development of GSM technology: GSM users can carry out secure financial transactions as if they were using their bank cards! Because in today's world the GSM has become a powerful tool, offering a host of facilities, Banksys, BASE, Mobistar and Proximus have decided to make life easier for those who move with the times. GSM payments are easy, quick and, above all, risk-free.

Today, this new payment method is a world first, allowing you to pay securely with your GSM anywhere, any time, subject only to the same limits as your bank card.

It is quick and simple to do:

  • the beneficiary of the payment makes a request on their GSM;
  • the customer receives an SMS, and confirms the payment using a secret code;
  • the customer and the merchant then each receive a message confirming the transaction.

This service relies on m-banxafe technology developed by Banksys, and guarantees fully secure payments. Customers wishing to pay by GSM must have a SIM card enabled for m-banxafe technology. If you don't yet have one, just apply at a BASE, Mobistar or Proximus dealer. Next, choose a secret code and link your GSM to your bank account.

Merchants wishing to offer this payment method must have a Belgian bank account and be a customer of BASE, Mobistar or Proximus. Signing up could not be simpler: a few clicks on www.m-banxafe.be and you're done!

Paying by GSM offers a twofold advantage. Firstly you can pay anywhere, any time: for home deliveries, works or services. A practical facility if you don't have the cash and cannot get to an ATM. It is also useful for anyone providing a service: for delivery personnel or tradesmen, it offers a guarantee of immediate payment. There are no subscription or connection charges and it is always available: each transaction is billed at 25 cents including VAT to the customer and 49 cents excluding VAT to the merchant.

This ambitious project is the brainchild of Banksys, BASE, Mobistar, Proximus and the Belgian banks. Payment by GSM is a convenient and user-friendly system that uses the latest technology and always guarantees a secure transaction, which is an absolute priority of Banksys.

The launch of this new service is a crucial step forward in the development of electronic payments. Today's GSM payments herald the possibility in the near future of carrying out fully secure operations such as bank transfers or signing contracts. These are all high valueadded services of the future.

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