“Erasmus MC and Atos Origin set up new Patient Data Warehouse for increased efficiency and reliability”

Utrecht, 8 October 2007

Atos Origin, an international IT services provider, and Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, one of Europe's largest hospitals, have set up a new Patient Data Warehouse for the Intensive Care units, Patient Logistics and Radiology. The use of this new warehouse is entirely attuned to the end-users – hospital specialists. It communicates using their own terminology, which increases customer satisfaction and reliability while taking a step in the right direction to help optimise patient care.

In the current information age, the quality of information available within organizations is becoming increasingly important. In the medical world, it's literally a matter of life and death. For this reason, the end-users of the data warehouse were closely involved in the development process. Erasmus MC selected Atos Origin as a partner in the development of the Patient Data Warehouse because of Atos Origin's Metadata Frame. The core concept of this framework is that communication using the business experts' own terminology is essential in the development of the application.

On the Intensive Care Unit's in the Erasmus MC, a Patient Data Management System (CareSuite (TM), Picis Inc., USA) stores all the patients' data, which is extracted to the Patient Data Warehouse. The Patient Data Warehouse subsequently converts this data into an information model, which is designed with a technique called Fully Communication Oriented Information Modelling (FCO-IM) based on natural language. In other words, non-IT trained clinicians can analyze information coming from their patient data management system themselves without difficult queries or programming.

By providing concrete examples of their own work described in their own medical jargon, medical specialists, doctors and nurses of Erasmus MC, in cooperation with Atos Origin, created a new information model that they themselves could read, understand and fully validate. This particular Patient Data Warehouse will be used in clinical research and quality assessment, which are both very important in the intensive care. As an example, a crucial question such as “what was the outcome of the patients between 1 and 5 years of age admitted to the ICU in 2006, which were ventilated, treated with dobutamine using a central line and stayed longer than 7 days”, can now be easily answered.

Jan A. Hazelzet, Chief Medical Information Officer at Erasmus MC explains: “We've already achieved a number of successes since implementing the new Patient Data Warehouse. Patient logistics, intensive care and radiology operate according to our requirements, and allow us to work faster, more efficiently and more reliably. Atos Origin advised us well in this process, and we are satisfied with this successful development. We are currently preparing for a new expansion into other parts of the organisation.”

Samir El Awadi, Vice president healthcare and pharma sector for Atos Origin in the Netherlands concludes: “Atos Origin has a good track record in the health sector, and works together with international clients including Akzo Nobel, Dossier Pharmaceutique, the NHS and Sesame Vitale. The fact that this project was nominated for a Computable Award IT – Care Project, underlines our expertise and solid cooperation with Erasmus MC.

We are very pleased with the initial results obtained by Erasmus MC, and look forward to our continued cooperation.“

The abovementioned project is nominated by Computable for the Computable Award IT – Care Project of the year for 2007. Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam and Atos Origin received this nomination for ‘a high-quality and innovative information modelling system'.

About Atos Origin
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