“Atos Origin and SAND Technology Announce Cooperation”

Hamburg/Stuttgart, November 21, 2005

SAND Searchable Archive enables more efficient storage for SAP NetWeaver solutions

Atos Origin and SAND Technology have announced the signing of an agreement to cooperate in Germany in the field of “Nearline Storage for SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI)” in conjunction with the SAND Searchable Archive. The initiative is expected to result in added value for both companies and their customers.

“The combination of our consulting expertise as a Special Expertise Partner (SEP) for SAP NetWeaver in Germany and the SAND Searchable Archive for SAP NetWeaver BI enabling SAP users to improve the performance of their data warehouse and reduce the total cost of managing data, enables us to offer our clients significant added value for their SAP solutions,” explains Gerhard Fercho, Managing Director of Atos Origin in Germany.

“By leveraging our years of experience, we have reacted to the explosion in size of data warehouses by providing the SAND Searchable Archive as an effective analytic archiving solution. As a specialist in analytic applications, we are extremely pleased to provide innovative data management capabilities for SAP solution environments. This enables SAP customers to use their data warehouses in a more efficient manner," adds Roland Markowski, Managing Director of SAND Technology Deutschland GmbH.

SAP NetWeaver BI helps companies to identify, consolidate and analyze disparate business data found in heterogeneous sources in order to convert it into useful in-formation. Companies are thus able to make informed decisions and take action early in order to be successful. With SAND Searchable Archive for SAP NetWeaver BI, data that is currently not necessary can be extracted from the SAP NetWeaver BI system and placed into a nearline archive where it can be stored cost-effectively yet remaining accessible for queries and analysis. Due to the low cost of the nearline archive, the interface for use in SAP NetWeaver BI archiving solutions leads to lower total operating costs and a rapid return on investment for customers who run large, enterprise SAP NetWeaver installations.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is an international information technology services company. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations. The company's annual revenues are more than EUR 5 billion and it employs over 46,000 people in 40 countries. Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has a client base of international blue-chip companies across all sectors . Atos Origin is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market and trades as Atos Origin, Atos Euronext Market Solutions, Atos Worldline and Atos Consulting.

About SAND Technology
SAND's advanced analytic data management products empower users with a better understanding of their business environment through better access to their business data. SAND Searchable Archive allows organizations to cost-effectively retain data for extended periods of time while SAND Analytic Server facilitates better business insight.

SAND Technology-based solutions include CRM analytics, financial analysis, regulatory compliance and specialized Business Intelligence applications for government and security, healthcare, telecom-munications, financial services, retail and other business sectors.

SAND Technology has offices in the United States , Canada , the United Kingdom and Central Europe . For more information, visit www.sand.com or www.sandtechnology.de

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