“Telefónica Móviles Spain and Atos Origin launch a new solution for media companies”

Madrid, 28 April 2005

Interacciona allows print media to add content in real-time, as the news is happening, and to keep it live and up-to-date at all times.Interacciona allows print media to add content in real-time, as the news is happening, and to keep it live and up-to-date at all times. Telefónica Móviles Spain and Atos Origin have developed Interacciona (Interact), a new business service specifically targeted for print media, providing added value for readers, as well as paving the way for a new method of generating income through the distribution of premium content to mobile phones.

With Interacciona, Telefónica Móviles is launching the first service to enable access to content through simple direct dialling on a mobile phone. This will extend the reach of new services to a target audience unfamiliar with traditional SMS or internet methods. Moreover, end users no longer need to contend with subscriptions or fixed costs, as they are only accessing information that is of direct interest to them and, therefore, only pay for content requested.

Interacciona uses the most appropriate mobile phone communication method in relation to the information offered – photos of an event, video or recording of a celebrity interview, film trailers, etc. This is all performed with a tool that is always on-line: content providers can send out information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telefónica Móviles provided the Telecommunications infrastructure, and will be responsible for setting up and managing the service for its clients. Atos Origin is the project consulting, integration and management partner, while MobileSpear supplied the technology platform that makes this new venture possible.

The new service enables users' interests to be captured and taken of at specific times, such as when they are reading their favourite sports paper, in order to increase the amount of information they are offered. This information can include enhancing articles with the latest photos, listening to entire editorials, showing apartment floor plans or highlights, participating in surveys or prize-draws, etc.

A successful pilot scheme has been running for the last few months in conjunction with the sports newspaper Marca, a leading medium for launching new mobile technology initiatives.

“Content services require increasingly quicker deployment. Shorter time-to-market gives operators and content providers many different advantages, particularly since much content quickly goes out of date and needs to be launched practically the moment it happens,” said Juan Luis Rivero, Telecom Business Development Manager, Atos Origin España.

“Through Interacciona, we are seeking to bring value-added content distribution to print media, reducing entry barriers for content providers to a minimum”, noted Pilar Latorre, Market Development Manager for Telefónica Móviles Spain.

About Telefónica Móviles
Telefónica Móviles Spain (www.empresa.movistar.es) is the branch of the Telefónica Móviles Group for the Spanish market. At the end of the 2004 financial year, it had approximately 19 million customers and a wide range of services and applications using latest mobile technology, including UMTS. Telefónica Móviles is one of the leading mobile phone operators in the world and the leading company in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets. It is present in 16 countries and manages over 78.2 million clients (at the end of 2004), including those taken over during the acquisition of BellSouth in South America. Shares in the company are traded in the Madrid and New York stock exchanges under the TEM sign.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is an international information technology services company. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations. The company's annual revenues are more than EUR 5 billion and it employs over 46,000 people in 40 countries. Atos Origin is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic Games and has a client base of international blue-chip companies across all sectors. Atos Origin is quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market and trades as Atos Origin, AtosEuronext, Atos Worldline and Atos Consulting.

Atos Origin has a proven record of over 20 years of accomplishment and experience in the Telecoms sector and has the capacity, skills, and capability to provide global services. Atos Origin delivers reliable end-to-end solutions and has a customer base covering major telecom operators in Europe. The company's annual revenue in the telecom industry is close to 1 billion Euro.

About MobileSpear
MobileSpear Inc.(www.mobilespear.com) MobileSpear allows a mobile phone user to dial a few digits and instantly retrieve information contained in print, audio or video form (say, a specific magazine article or newspaper story) and have it redirected to the user's device (SMS, MMS, etc.), email, website or other designated destination.

MobileSpear provides mobile operators, integrators, and content providers with an agile deployment environment for the creation, management and provisioning of flexible and easily accessible mobile service and content applications, available to all subscribers regardless of handset technology and network resources. By simply dialing a mobile phone numbers, MobileSpear converges the interactive world into any object that is number tagged.

An American/Israeli company with R&D center in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Business/Marketing HQ in Madrid, Spain. Our platform has been deployed at 7 operators around the globe.

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