“Atos Origin acts as partner of the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco in implementing the @ujour payroll system”

Rabat, 23 February 2005

The New Information Technology and Communication Trophy (NTIC, France-North Africa) was awarded in Paris on Thursday 27 January to the General Treasury of the Kingdom for implementing the "@ujour" payroll system, which has been operational since November 2004, after 3 years' work in collaboration with Atos Origin.

This distinction was awarded by the Moroccan Ambassador to France, Mr. Fathallah Sijilmassi, to Mr. Said Ibrahimi, General Treasurer of the Kingdom, in the presence of Mr. Giovanni Linari, Executive VP & Mgt Board member of Atos Origin, at a 2-day ceremony organised on the occasion of the 4th France-North Africa Convention attended by business people, executives, leading politicians and young French and North African graduates.

Almost three years ago, the Main Remuneration Payment Department (with the initials PPR in French) - the department of the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco responsible for paying the salaries of about 700,000 civil servants of the Sharifian monarchy - decided to call upon Atos Origin to overhaul its information system. That was the beginning of the most strategic project in its history.

The @ujour project – so called because aujour means pay (or wages) in Arabic – was a huge project aimed at providing the Moroccan State with a modern and reliable system suited to its needs. Reliability is particularly important because the PPR calculates the wages of about 700,000 workers in the Moroccan administration every month: the police force, the armed forces, teachers, technicians, governors and ministers, all public service jobs are included. It is quite certainly one of the largest payrolls in the world.

In order to cover all the aspects of a system integration project (design, build, data conversion, tests and change Management), thirty months' work was required and a team of up to 25 people was needed to put the first payroll through the new system.

“The extraordinary work performed by the TGR and Atos Origin teams allowed us to meet a real challenge: implementing software with many different functions that can be highly parameterised. Working alongside Atos Origin was a determining factor in achieving this task,” explained Mr. Said Ibrahimi, General Treasurer of the Kingdom.

“On behalf of Atos Origin, I am pleased to congratulate the General Treasury of the Kingdom of Morocco on winning this Trophy. @ujour is a clear example of Atos Origin's aim to build a long-lasting relationship and partnership with its customers. We would again like to state that we are committed to assisting TGR over the long term and are very proud of the trust it has placed in our teams,” declared Giovanni Linari, Senior Executive Vice President & Management Board Member of Atos Origin

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