“DIFX to choose NSC, AtosEuronext’s trading platform”

Dubaï, 21 February 2005

NSC, the electronic trading platform of AtosEuronext has been chosen by DIFX to operate equities, bonds and other products in Dubaï markets. DIFX didn't hesitate to select NSC, a powerful trading engine, which processes several million orders per day and more than 1000 orders per second for a market segment, with a large choice of instruments. The launch of the DIFX market is planned on the end of September 2005.


Other leading exchanges adopted NSC as Euronext in Europe, Kuala Lumpur in Asia, Montreal Exchange and Boston Options Exchange in America. AtosEuronext has as well a strong participation in Middle East with Lebanon, Jordan, Oman and others.


Lynton Jones, chairman of the DIFX, said: “This agreement is a big step forward. It keeps us on course to become a major new securities market for international issuers, brokers and investors and the international exchange of choice in the Middle East.


The DIFX is delighted that its technology will be supplied by such an experienced partner of proven quality. The international financial community can have confidence that the DIFX will provide a trading platform that will be efficient, reliable and user-friendly, as well as highly cost effective."


Dominique Brutin, chief executive of AtosEuronext, said : "We are very pleased to have been chosen by the DIFX to provide it with NSC, our fully electronic trading platform used in more than 15 exchanges throughout the world. AtosEuronext's unrivalled expertise will assist the DIFX in becoming a leading international financial exchange.”


About DIFX
The Dubai International Financial Exchange, formerly known as the Dubai Regional Exchange, is the first international exchange to be launched in the 21st century The DIFX has been created to provide investors and issuers with a larger and more liquid securities market than exists in any of the region's national exchanges. Based on state-of-the-art technology, this fully electronic marketplace will be capable of listing and trading a wide range of bonds, equities, funds and derivatives.

The DIFX will be regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), an independent unitary regulatory authority, responsible for the regulation of asset management, banking, securities trading, Islamic finance, re-insurance and exchanges operating in the DIFC. The DFSA is being created using principle-based primary legislation modelled closely on that used in London and New York, and its regulatory regime will operate to standards that meet or exceed those in the world's major financial centres.


About AtosEuronext
AtosEuronext is a joint venture, established in 2000 between Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange, and Atos Origin, a leading IT Services company. The pooling of each of the founder's strengths created the leading European player in IT services for the Financial Services community, with 1,200 employees in Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris. AtosEuronext solutions are mainly dedicated to investment firms, exchanges & regulators, clearing houses & depositories, central banks, commercial banks & financial community networking.


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