“Atos Origin succeeds in securing the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games IT infrastructure”

Paris, 17 September 2004

Atos Origin, the Worldwide Information Technology (IT) Partner of the International Olympic Committee, today announced that the security solution built into the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games IT infrastructure prevented any attacks from viruses and hackers ensuring that there was no disruption and that the results were relayed to the world and to the media in Athens accurately and in real-time.

During the 16 days of competition, more than five million security alerts to the Games IT systems were recorded, of which just 425 were serious and 20 critical. Intrusions included accredited people attempting to disconnect INFO 2004, the Olympic Games intranet that provides results, schedule and athlete information, in order to connect personal laptops to access the Internet. The IT team was able to respond fast to all the critical alerts and prevent unauthorized access.

“With the huge increase in cyber attacks and computer viruses in recent years, Atos Origin made IT security the top priority and significantly improved the IT security from that of Salt Lake City,” said IOC Technology Director, Philippe Verveer. “Atos Origin was able to effectively and efficiently manage the large number of security alerts that were recorded during the Games to ensure that there was no disruption to the Games IT infrastructure.”

The company focused on three key IT areas: security architecture, risk management and operations, to ensure that everything was in place to respond to any potential threat from either inside or outside of the network.

IT Security Architecture
Security was built into the infrastructure from the outset. The first measure the company took was to keep the Games network completely separate from the Internet. Secondly, all IT systems were equipped with the standard range of security systems from anti-virus software to firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, port security and other administration tools.

IT Risk Management
Through extensive testing before the Games the IT security team was able to understand what was normal activity on applications, servers, PCs and the network, so that an incident could be logged when the traffic became abnormal.

" The sheer volume of security-related data we were generating was massive, so we needed an intelligent way to transform that data into meaningful and actionable information," said Yan Noblot, security manager at Atos Origin. “We therefore dedicated extensive efforts to filtering, aggregating and correlating alarms in order to extract the information associated with only critical security incidents.”

This strategy enabled the IT security team to effectively respond to incidents on a prioritized basis and keep the Games IT infrastructure protected from a wide range of cyber threats that might otherwise have compromised critical IT services – including the recording and distribution of competition results.

IT Operations
The company trained the entire IT team in security policies and procedures. At Games time, the IT security team was operational 24x7 in order to respond to any incidents that occurred, day or night.

“What we implemented for the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games was the best of our Enterprise Security Services, which offer a risk-based approach that “combines people, policies, processes and technology into a secure, seamless environment.” said Yan Noblot. We not only ensure protection of vital information and systems in our customers' business operations, but with security fully integrated and implemented throughout their organization, our customers can get a true return on security investment.”

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