“Atos Origin operates ITSG Trustcenter: With 30,000 certificates, a pioneer in the modernisation of healthcare”

Stuttgart, August 3rd, 2004

Electronic data exchange in statutory health insurance makes communication more effective

The Health Reform Act in Germany has once again made it clear: the trend in German healthcare is clearly toward linking all parties involved electronically. And the German Hartz Commission is taking the same line: according to the “Second Modern Services Act” in the labour Market, the entire communication within statutory health insurance must have been converted to electronic data exchange by 2006.

Against this background, the ITSG Trustcenter (Informationstechnische Servicestelle der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung GmbH), operated by Atos Origin is taking a leading role. After all, thanks to the certificates of the Trustcenter, hospitals, nursing facilities, other providers and employers have been able to meet their delivery obligations in respect of notices, certificates, proof of performance as well as accounting and social insurance notices to health insurance companies and social security, on an electronic basis, for years. The time-consuming printing, sorting and sending of paper receipts is no longer required. The work processes can be designed more effectively for the business partners.

The statutory health insurance companies developed a security concept for secure data exchange as early as 1996 and have taken this over into practical operations. Electronic messages are encrypted prior to transmission and are thus protected against unauthorised access. Every participant holds an electronic certificate, which is checked by a neutral authority – the Trustcenter – and which publishes the relevant sections required for forwarding.

All participants to the data exchange therefore require a valid certificate, issued by the Trustcenter. ITSG set up the ITSG Trustcenter in cooperation with the Competence Center Informatik GmbH in Meppen which has become part of the Atos Origin Group, due to the takeover of SchlumbergerSema by Atos Origin. Since 1996 it has been responsible for the operation and technological development and has already issued 30,000 certificates within healthcare. The ITSG Trustcenter is thus not only a trailblazer with regard to the level of innovation of the technology used, but is also among the leading German trust centres, due to the number of certificates issued.

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