“Eurofighter Typhoon: an exceptional testimony for successful flights”

Rome, Milan, 19 April 2004

A futuristic system for promptly dealing with aircraft problems and aiding decision-making

What is the secret of Eurofighter Typhoon, the aircraft that beat Schumacher's Ferrari in a runway race on 11 December? The futuristic technology developed for the first time in the military sector in Europe by the four companies in the Eurofighter consortium is successfully taking up the challenge of the future. The aircraft's extraordinary qualities, from the airframe to the engine, through the on-board instruments, are now supported by precise corrective and developing maintenance of the aircraft, provided and tuned by the trouble ticketing system developed by Atos Origin, using the Remedy customer support platform.

All the problems involved in the operation and maintenance of the Typhoon are managed through an advanced integrated R&R - CR/CP (Request and Response - Change Request/Change Proposal) system put in place in February 2003 with the opening of new sites in four European countries with 350/400 users. Atos Origin, which has taken care of the design development, implementation and roll-out of the solution in Europe, is also supporting the client in the second stage, during which, from October onwards, the system will be improved with more advanced functions and an upgrade to the most recent versions of Remedy. In addition, Atos Origin has undertaken, during the course of the application management agreement, to take care of corrective maintenance and cyclical renewal of the system for the 25 years after the delivery of the last aircraft. Absolute safety of the aircraft, competitiveness and perfect efficiency of the Typhoon service: these are the aims that the vertical application makes it possible to achieve through developing maintenance in order to stay right up to date.

Through the Request & Response system, pilots, engineers and employees of the companies in the consortium can address their technical questions and requests for clarifications and mechanical action involved in each part of the aircraft to the contact person responsible in the consortium itself, so they can be dealt with promptly. For example, a pilot discovers an unexpected loss of altitude and, after returning to base, using his/her own password to enter the computer system, he/she poses the problem by sending a specific query, called a ticket. This ticket is received by the Eurofighter consortium in real time and sent to the relevant company. All the necessary checks are carried out at this point, from assessing the weather conditions in the area that the aircraft went through to the aircraft's technical parts that were directly involved. The reply and the ticket itself are simultaneously shared by all the parties involved in designing Eurofighter. After being analysed and drawn up, it is then sent to the "originator" of the ticket.

If the analysis of the problem found involves changes to the inside of the aircraft, the procedures handled by the Change Request/Change Proposal system are activated. If there is a need to subject the aircraft to technical changes, or the problem discovered is so complex that one of the aircraft's parts must be reviewed or redesigned, CR/CP allows perfectly smooth interaction between Eurofighter and the client itself, NETMA (Nato Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency), on the one hand, and the supplier and military aeronautics companies for the technical details, on the other. Both the consortium and each of the companies may make a change request. This is followed by the supplier's response (change proposal), which contains the technical details of the action, its applicability (only to the aircraft affected by the problem, a certain number of them or even all of them) and how much it will cost. The client consortium assesses the costs and appropriateness of carrying out the action in question, in part or in full, and finally revises its applicability. Only at the end of this internal procedure and the various approval processes do the interested parties reach a final decision (change decision) and put it into practice.

The advantages of this innovative solution can be extended not only to the aeronautics industry concerning specific requirements in terms of trouble ticketing management and customer support, but also the transport sector, the shipping industry and business sectors in which there is a one-to-one relationship between the supplier and customer, and in which high technology and quality applications require information to be promptly traceable.

Eurofighter Typhoon
The Eurofighter Typhoon is a high-altitude military fighter aircraft designed and produced by the European consortium Eurofighter GmbH at the request of NETMA (Nato Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency). The consortium is made up of 4 companies that represent the respective leading aeronautical companies in the aeronautics sector: Alenia (Italy), BAE SYSTEMS (United Kingdom), EADS-CASA (Spain) and EADS-D (Germany). The consortium provided the airframe and onboard technology, while the heat-seeking radar system for tracking aircraft was developed by the Euroradar consortium and the engine by the Eurojet 2000 consortium. The main feature of the aircraft is its particular agility, which offers extraordinary performance at both low and high speed and altitude. Some of the particularly sophisticated on board instruments include the heat-seeking radar and Direct Voice Input, a device that allows the pilot to activate the instruments with voice commands.

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