“France’s aeronautical information service optimizes website with content management solution delivered by Atos Origin and Stellent”

Paris, France - March 11, 2004

Downloads increased ten-fold, to an average of 60 GB a month, when the site went live on December 24, 2003.

France's Aeronautical Information Service (SIA) has selected the consortium consisting of Atos Origin and Stellent, Inc. to manage the content of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). The AIP contains more than 7,000 pages of technical documents (detailed maps, airport plans, descriptions of airways and regulated zones) designed for users of French air space, including airlines, air control centers and flying clubs.

"Providing web-based access to AIP content with the Stellent Universal Content Management solution recommended and integrated by Atos Origin ensures compliance of online information, which means enhanced air space safety," says SIA project manager Gilles Guillouet. AIP content is updated in accordance with a precise 28-day schedule defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Previously, these updates were performed without a document repository and the information was printed and distributed only on paper. "Since the Stellent content management solution was implemented, the Aeronautical Information site (www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr) has received extremely enthusiastic user response, as well as a commendation from the Transport Ministry."

The success of the project is readily apparent. Hosted with a maximum bandwidth of 1 Mbps before the data were available online, the site was quickly overwhelmed by user requests when AIP content was first posted on December 24, 2003. Within two days, the hosting service provider (Jetmultimédia) increased dedicated bandwidth to 4 Mbps with an additional shared 4 Mbps to accommodate peak demand. "This success demonstrates how strong user demand was for online access to the databank," adds Gilles Guillouet.

SIA had been looking for an electronic data management solution since 1999, as part of a commitment to enhancing both public and private aviation safety by providing users with free access to updated maps and flight plan information. The initiative originated from France's Air Navigation Directorate, which mandated SIA to define and estimate the cost of the related requirements. Updated information had to be available simultaneously on the SIA website and in the prepress chain to produce hard-copy documents. Plans were also made for distribution on CD-ROMs.

The SIA issued a call for tenders and selected Atos Origin's solution for seamless integration of the content management solution. "The client primarily wanted rapid implementation - in less than three months - of a turnkey solution requiring as little development as possible," notes Atos Origin sales manager Jacques Kotelon. "The SIA also wanted to be able to standardize the information by converting a large number of documents from different source formats into uniform PDF files."

Atos Origin's response was to propose Stellent's electronic data assembly solution, in recognition of the company's content management expertise and the quality of its application products. The project therefore required the integration of Stellent Universal Content Management, a special-purpose software building block operating with one architecture and one server. "Stellent was our preferred partner. Deployment of Stellent Universal Content Management met the need for a ready-to-integrate solution," says Jacques Kotelon. "The system was deployed on time and, since it has only one user interface, it's also easier to use."

"We believed that Atos Origin's proposal based on the Stellent solution was both the most appropriate and the most innovative, with the scalability to meet future requirements," explains Gilles Guillouet. In fact, the document repository is designed to supply a shared European database. The European national services have long communicated to manage Europe's air space and the organizations involved are currently developing data interchange standards based on a standard language. With an eye to the future European AIP, the SIA system will use the SMTP data exchange protocol and the XML data transfer language. The SIA is now preparing for this interoperability, which should be feasible within the next five years, thanks to Stellent Universal Content Management.

"We are pleased to have contributed to this ambitious project, along with Atos Origin," comments Marc Braunshausen, Stellent Director, France. "The SIA's objective has been met. Thanks to the implemented content management system, airlines and flying clubs will have direct, free access to SIA information from the same source with guaranteed compliance."

About the SIA
The Aeronautical Information Service (SIA) is a national service organization within the Air Navigation Directorate, which is part of the French Transport Ministry's General Directorate of Civil Aviation. The SIA is responsible for providing the aeronautical information services required to ensure safe, consistent and efficient national and international air navigation. Aeronautical information services are defined at the international level in regulations laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and implemented at the national level, within the framework of directives issued by the Air Navigation Directorate. www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr

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