“Technical Solution for Processing Traffic Offenses – France’s Interministerial Mission Selects Atos Origin to Implement Phase 1 of the National Traffic Offense Data Processing Center Project”

Paris, November 13, 2003

The French Government has inaugurated an automated system for detecting road traffic offenses and fining offenders. Atos Origin was selected by France's Interministerial Mission responsible for deploying the system to design, build, operate and provide IT maintenance services for Phase 1 of the National Traffic Offense Data Processing Center project (CNTP1).

As part of its road safety policy, the French Government announced on October 27 that an automated traffic offense processing program would be introduced to reduce the number of accidents by significantly and permanently changing driver behavior. Emphasis has been placed on automating the process to make detection and fining more thorough and effective.

The program entails the installation of speed meters linked to digital cameras on roads and highways to measure vehicle speed, take photographs and encrypt the resulting data in a traffic violation file. A national data processing center then uploads the data files, decrypts their contents, automatically identifies the license plates, queries the vehicle registration files, and issues violation notices by mail, all within 48 hours.

To achieve this objective, the Mission had to ensure that the solutions used were state-of-the-art, effective and reliable, since no margin for error could be allowed. It therefore commissioned a specialist contractor with expertise in designing, building, operating and maintaining advanced network and data processing solutions, with the capability to deliver the IT system for Phase 1 of the National Traffic Offense Data Processing Center project.

End-to-end IT solution management across the entire CNTP1 data processing chain

Atos Origin was selected to manage the development, implementation, operation and maintenance of the CNTP1 data center. In keeping with its role as a value-adding operator, Atos Origin has committed to guaranteed results for building and operation. It has also contracted project methods and quality control to Fujitsu Consulting.

To optimize the traffic fine management chain, Atos Origin has developed and is hosting a modular, upgradeable automatic processing unit, which forms the core of the Information System. The unit processes information from the central database and manages the sequencing of automatic tasks and manual interactive tasks, thus unifying the organization of all solution processes.

The Atos Origin solution includes:

  • Supply of the network linking the field equipment and the data processing center (CNT).
  • Uploading and automatic transmission of traffic violation data to the CNT.
  • Automatic recognition of registration numbers from the digital snapshots.
  • Automatic identification of the offender by consulting several types of data files (national registrations, stolen vehicles, vehicle rentals, etc.).
  • Automatic issuing of the fine payment notice.
  • Printout and mailing of the fine notice.

To automate payment of the fines administered by the CNT, Atos Origin is also managing the design, implementation, hosting, operation and maintenance of a web site for online payment and a telephone-based payment system using interactive voice response servers. For this application, Atos Origin is applying its proprietary SIPS solution, the leading remote secure payment system in France.

CNT hosting on a high-security site

Atos Origin was able to meet the Interministerial Mission's requirements, in particular concerning security, by using its facilities to install the CNT in a highly secure environment, which provides extensive hosting capacity and a totally enclosed area exclusively reserved for the CNTP1. In particular, the environment accommodates not only the IT solution with dedicated operating and maintenance staff, but also police investigators and public prosecution officers, who guarantee proper operation of the traffic fine management chain. The facility's security measures have been approved by the Government's Senior Security Officials.

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