“Largest IT-outsourcing project in Austria in 2003 for Atos Origin with Zumtobel”

Dornbirn/Vienna, November 4, 2003

Zumtobel, Austrian lighting group, is engaging in a ground-breaking outsourcing project for Western Austria with the international IT services provider Atos Origin. Zumtobel's central IT department, including its employees and computer center, will be transferred to Atos Origin starting from 2004. With this move, Zumtobel will ensure the quality of its global information technology services and costs cuttings at the same time. For Atos Origin, the 7-year contract with Zumtobel marks the beginning of a successful entry in the Western Austrian market.

A total of 63 IT specialists, 28 in Dornbirn and another 35 throughout Europe, will have the option of signing up with Atos Origin, which also plans to take over operation of Zumtobel's state-of-the-art computer center in Dornbirn. Zumtobel's entire IT infrastructure is being outsourced (comprising some 4,400 desktops, 2,000 SAP workstations and 400 servers). Responsibility for IT applications will be retained by the sub-divisions of the Zumtobel group. The agreement is being concluded for a period of seven years, with a contract volume of EUR 33 million in the first three years.

According to Mr. Andreas Ludwig, Chairman of the Board at Zumtobel, the cooperation project represents another decisive step towards streamlining the Group's operations: "While our central IT department is highly developed, it doesn't fit in with the core competencies of the Zumtobel Group, and was too small to make significant savings. With Atos Origin, we have found a partner who can work together with us and offer a comprehensive range of IT services for our global activities. Atos Origin will also offer our IT staff more attractive career opportunities in a highly specialized international firm. And we can reduce costs as well."

New horizons for Zumtobel's IT staff

The central IT department at Zumtobel (IT Infrastructure Services Organisation) was already functioning as an internal service unit for the entire Zumtobel Group. The transfer to Atos Origin will offer the advantage that the staff's workplace, income and tasks will remain practically unchanged, but at the same time, employees will have a range of new opportunities. Mr. Bernd Steidl, head of Zumtobel's IT operations, will be in charge of his team at Atos Origin as well. According to Mr. Steidl, "For all of us the career opportunities are much greater in an international group with its core competency in IT services. With Atos Origin, we are simply continuing an approach that we had been following for some time at Zumtobel, namely working as an independent unit."

Atos Origin guarantees IT center in Dornbirn
Objective : becoming the market leader in Western Austria

For Atos Origin the outsourcing deal with Zumtobel marks the beginning of intensive efforts to penetrate the market in Western Austria. With a possible market of some 200,000 PCs in various branches of the economy, the outsourcing potential in the region is estimated to be quite significant. Atos Origin plans on further developing its newly acquired IT facilities in Dornbirn and offering its range of services, including Design, Build and Operation of IT solutions, throughout Western Austria. Mr. Hubert Hafele, Atos Origin Sales Director Region West, aims to achieve market leadership in Western Austria and explained "We would like to conclude at least two more outsourcing agreements in 2004 and develop the location in Dornbirn into an international service center." A second representative office is planned in Innsbruck.

Bernd Steidl, CIO Zumtobel, and Hubert Hafele, Atos Origin Sales Director Region West, engage in a ground-breaking outsourcing project for Western Austria.

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