“Atos Origin Implements New IT Infrastructure for Akzo Nobel’s Intervet”

Utrecht, 14th July, 2003

Intervet, a business unit of Akzo Nobel, has entered into a two-year collaboration with Atos Origin for the implementation of a new SAP R/3-based IT-infrastructure critical to the business. The project, called ATLAS by Intervet, is initially being introduced in seven countries: The Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Spain and the United States. ATLAS is a worldwide initiative to standardise the automation of Intervet's business processes.

The SAP R/3 application guarantees a 'future proof' system, which supports the core activities of Intervet. It meets the international and local objectives of the company and complies with the strict demands placed on Intervet by approval authorities, e.g. the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ATLAS is Atos Origin's first large contract with Akzo Nobel's Pharma Business Group. Atos Origin has been Akzo Nobel's most important international IT partner for some time.

Bryan Gathagan, Intervet's Global Program Director for ATLAS, explains why Atos Origin was chosen. "We think that Atos Origin is capable of supplying us with the necessary knowledge, technical skills and process management experience to implement this project in the various countries involved. After all, implementation of SAP is not part of our business."

Rolf Wildeman, Intervet's International Purchasing Manager, adds: "We did not take any chances when we chose Atos Origin as our most important advisor. We made our choice after lengthy consideration and evaluation of the pros and cons of such collaboration. Now that the ATLAS program has been started, we count on Atos Origin's continuing involvement and support in achieving our objectives and making good on their company slogan 'Turning client vision into results'."

Samir El Awadi, Akzo Nobel Pharma Global Client Director at Atos Origin is pleased about this collaboration: "We are proud to have been chosen by Intervet as their partner for implementing such a large-scale system, which is critical to the business. Atos Origin was chosen because we have considerable experience with implementing SAP applications and large ERP programs. Our presence all over the world also played an important part when Intervet made its choice."

About Intervet
Intervet is part of Akzo Nobel's Pharma Business Group and registered over 1 billion euros in sales in 2002. The company is located in Boxmeer (The Netherlands) and specialises in research and development, production and worldwide marketing of veterinary products through its own organisations. www.intervet.com

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is an international information technology services provider. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations, including outsourcing and on-line services. In August 2002, Atos Origin acquired KPMG Consulting in the UK and The Netherlands, trading as Atos KPMG Consulting. The company generates annual revenues of EUR 3 billion and employs 28,000 staff in 30 countries. The Group's client list includes major companies such as ABN AMRO, Akzo-Nobel, Alstom, BNP Paribas, BP, Euronext, Fiat,
ICI, ING, KPN, Lucent, Philips, Renault, Royal Bank of Scotland, Saudi Aramco, Shell, UBS Warburg, Unilever, Vivendi Universal, Vodafone and Wolters Kluwer.

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