“Urbanization of the Distribution function in banking IS: Atos Origin launches the first software platform for financial product and service distribution”

Paris - June 14, 2002

To meet the increasing open and convergence needs of distribution processes in the financial sector, Atos Origin designed the "Distribution- Place" and developed EF3 - the first software platform for financial products and services distribution.

Financial institutions operate in a mature and highly competitive market. In addition to attractive multi-producer offers, they also multi-distribute their own products to increase their sales area and profitability, while maintaining their advantage through customized offers based on detailed analytical data.

These three requirements make the distribution process highly complex, leading financial establishments to take a hard look at their processes in order to be more proficient in their industrial distribution.

Financiers become distribution experts. EF3 is the unifying support for this knowledge.

EF3 makes the "Distribution-Place" concrete by urbanizing* the IS distribution function

EF3 is a software platform. It is intended for European financial players with a multi-channel and multi-back office offer: banks, insurance companies, credit companies, brokers and third-party distributors.

EF3 is defining and materializing the "Distribution-Place" by unifying distribution functions split between numerous other applications: back offices or intermediary systems, front offices and CRM. By redefining the distribution function and how it relates to other parts of the IS, EF3 urbanizes the distribution function and facilitates its changes and maintenance: additions & changes in back offices, channels or CRM systems. EF3 is the new base for development of distribution expertise.

EF3 provides answers to financial distribution issues

Installed in IS where back offices meet distribution channels and CRM systems, EF3 manages the distribution processes in real time - by desynchronizing them with respect to other applications.

Thanks to data modeling, EF3:

  • supports distribution functions: product subscription, product and transaction display (accounts), transaction processing (transfers, orders, conflicts, etc.) financial data display,
    > brings together direct and indirect channels (third-party distributors),
    > aggregates accounts from multiple back-offices,
    > interfaces CRM systems in order to personalize relations and gather analytical data,
  • offers comprehensive checks in regard to risk analysis
  • complies with standards,
  • secures exchanges between back-offices and external players.

Pragmatic approach and long-term vision

A "Distribution-Place" is installed in phases. This is a target system that is implemented "next to" the legacy IS, to work like a base for the technological, functional, and organizational evolution of distribution. Applications are integrated progressively according to concrete needs, such as back office transition to real time, adding channels, converging existing channels, or even subcontracting credits or insurance, automation of risk management, etc.

Strong competitive advantage

By integrating EF3, financial establishments set themselves apart from the competition with three determining criteria:

  • a long-term vision of urbanization and the expertise of distribution processes
  • immediate technical advantages with:
    > Maintainability of applications
  • Opening and upgradability of the entire distribution system
  • Reinforced security through a well-suited hosting platform.
  • a functional perimeter that encompasses all distribution processes, thanks to a comprehensive model.

* Urbanization: Dissociation of functions and applications in an information system, based on a common reference framework.

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