“International Prepaid Loading: Atos Origin offers Solution Package for Roaming TopUp”

Hanover, 13th March 2002

At the CeBIT '02, the IT services provider Atos Origin presents a solution package for mobile operators, which can significantly simplify international prepaid account loading for roaming customers. Up to now, prepaid customers travelling abroad have to take a supply of home telephone cards with them, to ensure they are able to top up their account in countries beyond the range of their provider. Atos Origin's unique solution enables the telephone cards of local roaming partners to be redeemed as well as offering customers the possibility of loading their prepaid account via several different electronic channels, such as POS terminals, ATMs and the (mobile) Internet.

The mobile network provider's objective is to achieve world-wide roaming, whereby telephoning and loading is possible anytime, anywhere. The host mobile operator provides its infrastructure and other resources enabling the customer to load his prepaid account, which is managed by his local mobile operator. A possible scenario would be that the customer purchases vouchers from the host roaming partner or branch of his own mobile operator and then redeems these via the normal channel, such as the speech dialogue with the VRU (Voice Response Unit). However, electronic TopUp methods for roaming will also be permitted. In this way customers will be able to load their accounts at a POS terminal, ATM or via the (mobile) Internet and pay directly with their credit or debit card, rather than the more round about way via voucher.

"In the progress towards globalisation of the mobile phone market, the customer expects that he can use his mobile phone internationally just as he is used to doing at home", states Thomas Breuer, Sector Manager Telco Central Europe at Atos Origin. "The Atos Origin solution means that mobile operators can now offer their prepaid customers comprehensive roaming and thus increase sales per customer as well as customer satisfaction."

The Atos Origin solution for Roaming TopUp comprises a Central Roaming TopUp Unit and a Local TopUp Adapter for each co-operating partner. The centralised arrangement of the system simplifies the co-ordination and monitoring tasks as well as the financial compensation between the roaming partners. The Local Adapter forms the mediation point between the central system and the prepaid infrastructure of the individual roaming partner. For mobile operators this division means a clear separation between the tasks to be carried out centrally and those to be carried out locally and customisation to the local circumstances of the individual roaming partner. The solution simplifies the integration of new partners into the roaming partnership. Connecting new loading channels is also easy.

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