“Atos Origin Simplifies the Development of Services on PDAs Faster – Less Expensive – Scalable”

Paris - 30 January, 2002

Atos Origin is introducing EasyHand®* to meet the requirements of developing online services for personal digital assistants. This new multi-platform solution for developing PDA applications offers immediate advantages for networked applications, including fast development, scalability, varied functions and ease of use.

Until now, two competing methods have been used to develop interactive or synchronized services for PDAs:

  1. Development in native language (C, C++) of applications designed specifically for each of the target PDA platforms (i.e., Palm, Pocket PC or Symbian).
  2. Implementation of available solutions by downloading HTML pages for offline use.

Each approach has drawbacks that are increasingly incompatible with market requirements:

  1. Native language development entails lengthy development cycles, protracted time-to-market, the need to reproduce development for each target platform and complex updating.
  2. With available solutions, services are not always ergonomic, there is no offline interactivity, the scroll-bar system for reading content is complicated and there is little differentiation in applications.

EasyHand® simplifies development without compromising PDA application quality

To improve this situation, Atos Origin's Multimedia business initiated major R&D programs that ultimately led to the development of the EasyHand® solution.

Based on the XML standard, EasyHand® can be used to quickly develop applications that run on all existing PDA platforms. What's more, these applications offer the flexibility and scalability associated with HTML while retaining the ease of use and variety of functions of a native application.

With EasyHand®, Atos Origin customers now have an unparalleled solution for developing PDA applications.

Technical features:

  • Applications developed in XML, which is richer, more structured and more open than HTML. XML is used to define data processing and presentation.
  • Native interface pointer encoded in C++, now available on Palm OS and Pocket PC.
  • Scripting, mobile code executed by an integrated virtual machine and native extensions for more efficient use of hardware resources.
  • Standard and extended interface widgets to develop applications that look and feel like native applications
  • Content and presentation factorization using recordsets and templates.
  • Modular applications to facilitate the partial synchronization process and interactive connections.

From design to implementation

EasyHand® can be up and running immediately. It is particularly suited to developing PDA services for banking, finance and media applications.

Atos Origin's solution comprises :

  • Access to its EasyHand® technology platform.
  • Customized software components, such as the interface pointer and synchronization conduit add-on.
  • Content creation tools.
  • Creation and management of multi-channel services.
  • Hosting and operation of services on XML application servers in HTTP.

* EasyHand® is a registered trademark of Atos Origin.

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