“GAN Optimizes Premium Collection with the Noria Project”

Paris - September 24, 2002

GROUPAMA-GAN, France's second-largest multi-line insurance company, selected AtosEuronext to reshap the property and casualty insurance premium collection system used by its agents network. The project entailed installing NORIA, a new process for referring claims to adjusters, on agent information systems. The new system must be able to handle high volumes, totaling some 5.6 million transactions a year. GAN-SI and AtosEuronext teams successfully carried out a model project and met exacting quality, cost and scheduling requirements, representing a fixed-fee commitment of 8,000 people-days, with guaranteed results.

In 2000, GAN-Insurance decided to reshap its collection management system for property and casualty premiums by installing NORIA. Thus, GAN-Assurance agents now benefit from a new claim referral process.

Following an invitation to tender, AtosEuronext was awarded the implementation of the project, representing 8,000 people-days out of the 12,000 required for the entire project. GAN-SI and AtosEuronext teams successfully executed a model project that required exacting quality, cost and scheduling standards.

For GAN-Assurance to honor commitments to its agents concerning the claims referral process, NORIA had to be up and running by mid-2002, following the transition of legacy applications to the euro. And indeed, NORIA came on stream in August 2002.

The new collection system's functions include:

  • Processing Production Reports,
  • Invoicing of policy accounts,
  • Account debits, Transfers and Interbank Payment ticket (TIP) returns,
  • Account debit or TIP defaults,
  • General timing differences in tracking plans and the tracking of policy account collection,
  • Preparation of payment transaction reports,
  • Management and consultation of policy accounts,
  • Duplication of accounting of intermediaries.

The system had to be able to handle high volumes, totaling some 5.6 million transactions a year while integrating the legacy applications that continued to evolve in parallel.

The project had 2 phases: a detailed specification phase delivered to GAN-SI by AtosEuronext in May 2001, and a development phase which was completed in August 2002. The developments were carried out in an IBM MVS mainframe environment.

The strength of the NORIA project is its federative dimension. GAN-SI and AtosEuronext teams collaborated efficiently at all levels in order to accomplish the NORIA project. GAN-SI's rigor and exacting standards in project management were vital in defining the work methods of the AtosEuronext team and proved to be extremely useful. GAN-SI did not hesitate to invest in human resources to ensure the success of this project.

Léon Amar, Insurance Market Manager at Atos Origin, commented: "Optimizing the collection and disbursement processes is one way for insurance companies to improve profitability. In this area, we can assist insurers with a variety of solutions, ranging from conventional system reshape to the integration of an ERP systems, such as SAP's FSCD software, to the comprehensive outsourcing of the collection and disbursement process based on a Business Process Outsourcing model."

About GAN
Groupe GROUPAMA, which has combined the GROUPAMA and GAN brand names since 1998, ranks among France's top three multi-line insurance companies. One of the most financially sound companies in Europe, Groupe GROUPAMA reported premium income of 12.2 billion euros in 2000, with stockholders' equity of 4.5 billion euros.

About AtosEuronext
Founded in 2000, AtosEuronext is a 50/50 joint venture between Euronext, the leading pan-European stock exchange, and Atos Origin, a leading European IT services provider. This combination of financial and high technology expertise has made AtosEuronext a European leader in financial and stock exchange information technology. AtosEuronext's 1,500 employees in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris serve insurance companies, banks and stock exchanges around the world.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is an international information technology services provider. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations, including outsourcing and on-line services. In August 2002, Atos Origin acquired KPMG Consulting in the UK and The Netherlands, which now trade as Atos KPMG Consulting. The company generates annual revenues in excess of EUR 3.5 billion and employs 30,000 staff in 30 countries. The Group's client list includes major companies such as ABN-Amro, Akzo-Nobel, Alstom, BNP Paribas, British Petroleum, Euronext, Fiat, ICI, ING, KPN, Lucent, Philips, Renault, Royal Bank of Scotland, Saudi Aramco, Shell, UBS-Warburg, Unilever, Vivendi Universal, Vodafone and Wolters Kluwer.

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