“Atos Origin Provides Technical Support For French Post Office’s New Electronic Registered Letter Service”

Paris – September 4, 2002

The French Post Office - La Poste - has launched an electronic registered letter service, developed and operated by Atos Origin.

In early 2001, La Poste chose online services specialist Atos Origin as its partner in developing a new electronic registered letter service, which was unveiled on August 29, 2002 by La Poste Chairman Martin Vial at the 23rd Summer University of Communication in Hourtin, France. As main contractor, Atos Origin has been involved in all phases of the project, including hosting, operation and maintenance of the related website.

The new service supports La Poste's role as a carrier of all kinds of business and private mail formats, while adding momentum to its strategy of developing secure Internet services.

A registered e-letter can be easily sent from La Poste websites, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from home or office, with the same official quality and legal value as a conventional registered letter.

Plus, it adds such valuable functionalities as 24/7 availability, electronic proof of registration, proof of content, electronic postmark and, if required, signature certification. Lastly, the possibility of bulk mailing and file archiving makes the registered e-letter particularly attractive to users eager to embrace paperless transactions.

Atos Origin provides electronic certification services

As technical operator, Atos Origin designed the website user interface and is now managing electronic data flows between La Poste and service users and operating the service using a dedicated, secure, redundant technical platform with the following capabilities:

  • Transposition of postal forms to meet registered e-letter specifications.
  • An access control system allowing use of an electronic signature.
  • Distribution of registered e-letters and personalized tracking.
  • Transposition of electronic delivery notices
  • Management of user accounts, with the possibility of personalizing the service.
  • Use of public key infrastructure to ensure security.
  • Hosting of the website.

The heart of the system is built around business components written in Java by Atos Origin. For electronic proofing, Atos Origin interfaces with a certification service, in particular Certinomis, a joint La Poste-Sagem subsidiary.

In addition to the registered e-letter, Atos Origin is the technological partner in a number of other online services offered by La Poste, including the stock trading service "Allô Poste Bourse", the home banking service "Audioposte", the website www.lapostefinance.fr and the vocal and SMS messaging service "Poste Appel".

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