“Atos Origin brings success to VISA Austria in the fight against credit card fraud”

Vienna/Stuttgart, 14 August 2002

50 % reduction in credit card fraud for Austrian VISA cards, since the introduction of the Atos Origin authoriza-tion system

Since the introduc-tion of the new authorization system by Atos Origin in No-vember 2000, VISA Austria has recorded up to 50 per-cent reduction in credit card fraud for Austrian VISA cards. Around 100,000 EURO has been saved each month as a result of a combination of Online Watcher, the fraud management module from the Atos Origin Authori-zation System, and CRIS, VISA International's fraud con-trol system, as well as some internal reorganisation of work processes.

"We are very satisfied with the result of the anti-fraud measures", states Erwin Petsch, Manager of VISA Secu-rity in Austria. "In the period August 2001 to June 2002, we have been able to reduce our issuer fraud rate by a third. We have been able to achieve such a complete processing efficiency, that our work patterns have been adjusted to the system's capabilities. Thus, for example, within two minutes of a warning message from the Atos Origin system, VISA Austria employees are making deci-sions on further card status, like block, refer or contact cardholder".
Petsch goes on to explain VISA's future plans "In view of the expansion of our business into Eastern Europe, we are currently planning to extend this system, which will be of enormous importance to the profitability of our services in the East European market."

The capabilities of the Atos Origin System mean cost effi-cient processing in a continuously expanding business environment. For example, the new system enables up to 500,000 transactions to be handled each day, without the need for further investment. VISA Austria is expecting fur-ther growth, as a result of the expansion of its business into Eastern Europe.

"Due to the extraordinary success VISA Austria has ex-perienced with our Poseidon Online Watcher, with VISA's collaboration, we are planning a further expansion of the system." states Reiner Wergen, Product Marketing Man-ager for Poseidon at Atos Origin. "Poseidon Online Watcher can be implemented for all Poseidon products, to monitor and control fraudulent payments. This is not restricted to the respective country. Online Watcher can also be used to monitor international transactions globally and is therefore of interest of all cards issuers."

POSEIDON® is the complete palette of electronic and mobile e-business and multi-channel solutions; authoriza-tion and processing of cashless payments at the point of sale (POS) and ATMs, customer loyalty programs, load-ing and paying with the German electronic purse (Geld-Karte) throughout Europe, payments in the Internet and WAP and billing. POSEIDON is used by banks, financial services providers, Internet service providers and telcos.

POSEIDON® is a registered trademark.

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About VISA Austria
There are currently over 900,000 VISA cardholders and 80,000 acceptors in Austria. Total turnover in 2001 was about 3,000 million Euro, whereby more than 2,000 mil-lion Euro was transacted within Austria. As at the 31.12.2001, the VISA-SERVICE Kreditkarten AG em-ployed 257 members of staff. VISA is the leading cash-less card payment system for consumers world-wide, with over 1,000 million cardholders and 21,000 VISA member institutions. In the 12 months ending June 2001, VISA card's world-wide turnover was 2 billion USD.

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