“Host of www.lequipe.fr, Atos Origin allowed the sporting information leader on Internet to anticipate connection records during the World Cup”

Paris, July 9, 2002

By quadrupling the hosting infrastructure of www.lequipe.fr, Atos Origin allowed the French sports newspaper to adapt its site's connection capacities to traffic peaks registered during the World Cup.

Since the beginning of its Minitel service in 1990, Atos Origin has been the technical service provider of L'Equipe. This commitment was confirmed in 2000, when Atos Origin was chosen to host and operate the www.lequipe.fr website, launched for the Euro Championship. With 54 million pages visited and around 6 million visitors in June (Cybermetrie Source), www.lequipe.fr is now a leader of sporting information on the Internet.

On line, www.lequipe.fr offered complete coverage of the Soccer's World Cup. The site allowed surfers to review the past 16 World Cups, become familiar with the 32 qualified teams, and follow live broadcasts of the World Cup's 64 games. Visitors found a report on each game, features on the French team, 3D goals and statistics…
As soon as the World Cup began in May, L'Equipe's web site recorded 50% more visitors than in April. And even more records were broken in June and up to the event's final day !

Quadrupling the hosting infrastructure

"L'Equipe has chosen Atos Origin for its capacity to host the site in a specialized environment and to upgrade it quickly in order to anticipate and handle high traffic periods in connection with sporting events - comments Guy Max Espinos, Operational Manager of l'equipe.fr - We did not regret this technical choice since Atos Origin allowed us to successfully manage visiting peaks related to the three games played by the French team, by increasing the number of dedicated front-end servers from 2 to 8."

Maximum bandwidth use

Since the beginning of the World Cup, the bandwidth used by www.lequipe.fr has also been optimized.
For example, on June 6, L'Equipe's website itself registered traffic peaks of 85 Mb/s, of which 25 Mb/s of advertising banners. On Thursday, June 11, these numbers reached 93 Mb/s and 28 Mb/s respectively.
When compared to the average bandwidth used by the entirety of Atos Origin Multimedia server center during working hours (70 Mb/s), these numbers emphasize the scalability of the configuration at L'Equipe's disposal. "Burst" agreements (ability to exceed the bandwidth consumption threshold) were made with telecom operators France Telecom and Telia, in order to adapt the overall bandwidth capacity to L'Equipe's particular needs during the tournament.

Supervising tools devoted to performance monitoring

Atos Origin's added value for this type of operation applies to the technical monitoring of the site, through main server sizing, as well as to the command of the site's required network and software components.

Atos Origin participates in the sizing of the www.lequipe.fr peripheral servers, dedicated for example to the delivery of advertising banners. In order for L'Equipe to be able to follow up its service performance in real time, Atos Origin also provided the paper with the necessary tools to monitor server operation and used bandwidth.

About Atos Origin
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