“AXA uses AVALON project to boost efficiency: Optimisation of file management with eiStream Imaging & Workflow software”

Paris, June 3, 2002

AXA, one of the world leaders in financial protection, has launched the Avalon project in order to automate a part of its insurance business in Belgium. The aim of this innovative project is to optimise the work of its account managers by using the eiStream Imaging & Workflow software, implemented by mixed teams of AXA and Atos Origin developers.

The innovations introduced by the Avalon project operate at various levels. Incoming information from insurance files (assignment, prioritisation, grouping and absence management) is automated, taking into account the needs of the customer. This automation applies largely to reducing administrative tasks, whilst respecting the working methods and expertise of the account manager.

A first implementation for Car claims

Under the responsibility of Atos Origin, AXA launched an initial project in its Car claims section, which is spread over seven different sites (decentralised management), involving around 250 users. A claim file contains around 20 pages on average.

The information concerning claim files (letters, faxes, etc.) enters in no particular order. To work efficiently, the account manager needs complete data filed in the proper order.

Incoming documents are therefore classified according to two parameters:

Firstly, the type of each document is defined. When it is entered, the document is digitised, identified and electronically linked to an existing file or with a contract using the eiStream Imaging & Workflow software. The electronic image is then immediately transmitted to the office where the file is managed.

The system then assigns the account manager with the most suitable specialist profile for the incoming document (e.g. specialisation in theft, company fleets, corporal damage) and the customer language. Several documents belonging to the same file can be grouped by the system and then transmitted together to the account manager in charge of the file.

Furthermore, an assignment algorithm is being used, which ensures internal balancing of the overall workload within the department. In the event of the absence of an account manager, the files for which he is responsible are automatically assigned to a replacement with a similar profile. The Avalon project also classifies incoming correspondence by order of priority: when an account manager requests the following document, the system automatically communicates the most urgent document (workflow push).

"We find that today the quality of customer service and the effectiveness of our account managers has increased without introducing too many changes into working patterns at AXA", confirms Paul Adriaenssen, Director of Operational Support in the Individual and Small Enterprise Insurance Operations division.

Ergonomic and flexible system

The Avalon project attaches particular importance to ergonomic workstations. Document consultation and management operations are each carried out on a dedicated screen, which has proven to be very user-friendly and effective. At a later stage of the project, there are plans for the integration of multimedia, electronic mail, internet and fax.

According to Paul Adriaenssen, the Avalon project represents added value for AXA at various levels: "Firstly, the total time required for processing a file has been substantially reduced. The customer response time has also improved: when a customer asks for information by telephone concerning the status of his file, the account manager can now provide the information immediately, which is much more difficult using traditional methods..."

In addition, the system has a reporting tool that provides the management with a clear, reliable and immediate overview of the workload. In the near future, AXA will progressively implement the Avalon project in other divisions of the company.

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