“Atos Origin Creates Partnership with France Telecom for Joint “Talk to Intranet” Voice Portal”

Paris, France - December 14, 2001

Atos Origin today signed a partnership agreement with France Telecom to jointly develop an integrated solution enabling voice access to corporate intranets. The solution, built around France Telecom's "Talk to Intranet" portal and Atos Origin's systems integration services, targets large companies looking to provide office and field employees with access to fast, personalized information.

The "Talk to Intranet" portal uses speech recognition technology that lets employees and partners access a company's intranet or data system from a wired or wireless phone. Designed for a variety of users, the technology recognizes words regardless of the caller's accent. The portal itself offers a full range of interactive services, including:

  • Information delivery (using push technology).
  • Voice directory access.
  • Employee leave management (vacation time, rest days, sick leave, etc.)
  • Service call management.

The new partnership expects to leverage development of the voice services market, which, according to US research consultancy Frost & Sullivan, is growing at an annual rate of 15%. The market for voice access to enterprise systems alone is expected to increase from $200 million in 2001 to $2.7 billion in 2005, according to Cahners In-Stat Group Institute.

Atos Origin was chosen for the voice portal because of its in-depth understanding of speech recognition and synthesis technologies and of telecom signal protocols, as well as its ability to support France Telecom with e-Business technologies like VoiceXML and SALT,….

In addition to supplying the "Talk to Intranet" voice platform, Atos Origin is also the preferred partner for seamlessly integrating existing services into corporate information systems and for developing new services. With its clear understanding of company needs and effective management of voice technologies, the partnership can guarantee customers superior service quality.

Atos Origin's role also includes testing a number of portal services, such as voice directory access, employee leave management and information delivery.

"France Telecom has been investing in speech recognition technology for many years," says Jean-Pierre Temime, Executive Vice President, Business Group, Marketing Business Solutions, France Telecom. "We feel it provides an increasingly reliable means for people and machines to interact and expect demand to grow considerably in coming years. Voice intranet access systems are in line with our strategy of developing multi-service channels to connect companies and their employees."

"Technological advances are driving changes in how companies relate to their customers, suppliers and employees." says Pascal Exertier, who heads Atos Origin's Systems Integration Division in France. "We're delighted to have signed this innovative agreement with France Telecom, which meets the needs of our shared customers, notably in the emerging market for business-to-employee communication."

Voice solutions from Atos Origin's Systems Integration Division
Atos Origin's Systems Integration Division has been developing voice service platforms using speech recognition since 1995. In today's fast-changing technological environment, teams are constantly testing commercial speech recognition products, such as Telisma, Nuance and Speechworks, as well as emerging technologies like VoiceXML and SALT. Their goal is to develop upgradeable, automatable services to deliver new solutions to clients. A major player in the e-business and ERP markets, Atos Origin is positioned as a leader in the market for voice portals.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin is a leading international business and technology integrator. Its business is turning client visions into results through the application of management consulting, enterprise, e-business and outsourcing solutions. The company has annual revenues of more than EUR 3 billion, operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and has 27,000 employees. Atos Origin's clients include ABN-Amro, Alstom, BNP Paribas, Euronext, Fiat, ICI, Lucent, Philips, Renault, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Unilever and Vivendi Universal.

About France Telecom
France Telecom is one of the world's leading telecommunications carriers, with over 77 million customers on the five continents (220 countries and territories) and consolidated operating revenues of 33.7 billion euros for 2000. Through its major international brands, including Orange, Wanadoo, Equant and GlobeCast, France Telecom provides businesses, consumers and other carriers with a complete portfolio of solutions that spans local, long-distance and international telephony, wireless, Internet, multimedia, data, broadcast and cable TV services.

France Telecom is the second-largest wireless operator and the number three Internet service provider in Europe, and a world leader in telecommunications solutions for multinational corporations. France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) is listed on the Paris and New York stock exchanges.

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