“FirstMark Communications France Selects Atos Origin Web Hosting and WebMail Solutions”

Paris, France - September 18, 2001

FirstMark Communications France has selected Atos Origin to design, host and deliver web Hosting and WebMail services for its clients. The new partnership confirms Atos Origin's commitment to supporting telecom carriers with an expanding range of value-added services.

FirstMark Communications France, a provider of telecom services and high-speed Internet access, operates a fully IP-based wireless local loop (WLL) network using fixed point-to-multipoint technology to deliver corporate communication solutions with the capability to handle dataflows of up to 8 Mbps for each client.

FirstMark Communications France commissions Atos Origin to provide additional high value-added services

To enhance its high-speed Internet access offering, FirstMark Communications France asked Atos Origin's Multimedia Division to develop additional value-added WebMail and web hosting services. Atos Origin was then selected to design and implement the proposed solutions.

WebMail solution integrating Critical Path IMS

For the WebMail solution, Atos Origin decided to integrate a Critical Path InScribeTM Messaging Server (IMS) to:

  • Manage user mailboxes and messages.
  • Offer functions to manage standard access protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP).
  • Provide a Web access interface.

"Our servers can accommodate millions of users and high transaction volumes," says Jacques Montibert, Critical Path Managing Director. "Their application interfaces make it possible to develop and integrate value-added services that give users real competitive advantage. Critical Path servers are compatible with Internet standards and can meet the needs of both service suppliers and companies."

Atos Origin selected Critical Path's IMS technology to meet the needs of FirstMark Communications France because of its:

  • Messaging server flexibility in handling increasing demand.
  • Unlimited subscriber capability.
  • Numerous APIs enabling personalization of services.
  • Easy integration into Atos Origin's multimedia production environment.

The integration of Critical Path's messaging server will enable Atos Origin to provide FirstMark Communications France clients with a unified messaging system accessible via a wide variety of interfaces, including voice or Minitel terminals, SMS, fax and PDAs.

Web hosting services

Atos Origin also supports FirstMark Communications France with hosting solutions tailored to meet the requirements of its clients:

  • Virtual hosting.
  • http servers (Netra T1).
  • http software (i Planet 4.1).
  • Data transfer:
    • Initial transfer via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
    • Page updating and online publication via the production server (using an http-based database administrator developed by Atos Origin).
    • Secure information processing guaranteed by using separate certification and production servers.

In addition to the web hosting and WebMail services, Atos Origin has also developed a system specially configured to allow FirstMark Communications France to manage users and track statistics.

FirstMark Communications France
FirstMark Communications France is a consortium 67% owned by large French corporations, principally Suez (19%) alongside Groupe Arnault (18%), together with Rallye-Casino, BNP-Paribas and Francarep (Groupe Rothschild) each with a 10% stake. The remaining 33% interest is held by FirstMark Communications Europe. On August 4, FirstMark Communications France was licensed to build and operate a nation-wide WLL network. The company is already operational in Nantes, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg and Lille, and will cover France's 40 largest cities by the end of 2001.

Press contact for FirstMark Communications France:
Sylvie Noqué
Phone: +33 1 55 27 69 51

About Atos Origin
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