“Atos Origin and Crédit Lyonnais Join Forces to Offer Affiliated Banks a Comprehensive Payment Processing Solution”

Paris, France - July 6, 2001

Crédit Lyonnais has opted for two payment processing solutions from Atos Origin's Customer Management Services business: a system for processing bankcard transactions, offered in partnership with IOCard Group, and a system for processing checks. Together, the two services enable Crédit Lyonnais to provide a unique end-to-end payment processing system to affiliated banks.

The banking industry is being revolutionized by two new standards:

  • The EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) smart card standard, created by rival card issuers, Eurocard and Visa. Competition has intensified recently, as the two companies fight for market share.
  • Digitized check images for euro-denominated checks, which, as of January 1, 2002, will replace the physical exchange of checks among banks. On June 18, the first euro-denominated transfers on the Interbank Teleclearing System (SIT) were carried out for qualifying banks.

The introduction of the new EMV standards and multi-application cards means that banks need to make major investments to completely overhaul their outdated application chains.

"Our cooperation with IOCard Group gives us the flexibility and the functionality to offer enhanced services to our customers, notably in revolving credit, multi-currency acquiring and cross-border acquiring," said Christian Huguet, Head of Atos Origin's Customer Management Services business in France. "In choosing Atos Origin, Crédit Lyonnais will enable its affiliated banks to limit their investments, change over to the new standards quickly, focus on their marketing initiatives, and provide their customers with an integrated, competitively advantaging solution."

"Crédit Lyonnais has recognized expertise in providing services for other banks, which constitutes a major growth path for the next three years," said Jean-Luc Thérond, head of e-banking and e-commerce for Crédit Lyonnais' Banque de Transactions. "The solution provided by Atos Origin and IOCard will enable us to considerably upgrade our cardholder management tools. First, it enables affiliated banks to limit their investments by integrating the international EMV smart card standards immediately. Second, it allows them to offer virtual cards, electronic purses, e-commerce and other new payment solutions across Europe and around the world. At first, this will involve a bipartite partnership between Crédit Lyonnais and Atos Origin, based on the solution developed by IOCard, but it could lead to broader cooperation in these areas."

"This e-banking service, combined with an innovative check processing system, will allow Crédit Lyonnais to offer its affiliated banks an integrated system for managing payment media, based on the same technological solution, if requested by the client," continued Mr. Thérond. "The introduction of digitized check images and the new worldwide EMV smart card standard require major technological and financial investments that some companies are unable to make."

"With Crédit Lyonnais as the financial partner and Atos Origin as the technology partner, the solution offers end-to-end payment processing that lets the affiliated bank limit its investments and focus its financial resources on marketing to its own customers," Mr. Thérond concluded. "For the time being, no one else is offering this kind of solution."

About Crédit Lyonnais
In 2000, Crédit Lyonnais processed roughly 850 million e-banking transactions and 750 million check transactions. Through its services for affiliated banks, Crédit Lyonnais processes payments for more than 60 banks and other financial establishments. For more information, visit the company website at http://www.creditlyonnais.com.

About Atos Origin
Atos Origin, a leading European e-services provider, enables clients to turn their objectives into value-driven results through effective use of e-business and IT solutions. The company's 27,000 employees deliver innovative solutions and strong industry experience to better manage the entire value network for companies and extended enterprises. Atos Origin currently operates in more than 30 countries worldwide, with sales of EUR 2.8 billion in 1999. Customers include ABN-Amro, Akzo Nobel, BNP Paribas, Crédit Lyonnais, Euronext, FIAT, ICI, Lucent Technologies, Philip Morris, Philips, Saudi Aramco, Shell, Unilever, Vivendi Universal and Wolters Kluwer.

Atos Origin's Customer Management Services division is dedicated to helping clients develop their customer base by optimizing, enhancing and securing the flow of contacts, data and payment across all media. It provides consulting services, payment solutions, document digitization, Customer Relationship Management, and multimedia customer contact centers.

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