“Atos, Schlumberger and SCORT Present Securicam™ at the Cartes 2000 Exhibition”

Paris, FRANCE - October 25, 2000

Personalized Certificate Generation Provides Secure Information Without Third-Party Authority


  • Ensures data security, interchange and access
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Provides users and administrators with stand-alone capability to generate personalized certificates, eliminating the need for third-party certification authorities
  • Innovative features, including signature and encryption delegation, a world first
  • Securicam™ is the first solution based on the Atos Light PKI (LPKI) patent.

The Securicam™ personalized certification solution provides users with easy-to-use, stand-alone tools to ensure data security, interchange and access without third-party certification.

Securicam™ offers users:

  • A sophisticated vault to protect and share personal data on workstations or over a network.
  • A Single Sign On identification to access workstations, Web servers and enterprise applications.
  • A streamlined e-mail system enabling signature and confidentiality of data interchanges, enhanced with signature delegation and decrypting functions.

Securicam™ meets the requirements of:

  • Companies, which need to protect data that can be accessed or exchanged via networks, including the Internet, and on each user's workstation
  • User groups:
    • banks and their clients, to secure information exchange and enhance their services.
    • universities, by adding authentication functions to the services provided by student cards.
    • local authorities who want to expand their city card services and provide authentication functions for Web-based administrative formalities.
  • Applications Services Providers who require strong authentication and service payment solutions

Securicam™ for ease of use, personalized certificate generation and innovative features

Easy to use. Protected and embedded in a smart card, Securicam™ software provides native high-level security functions (signature, encryption, signature verification, decrypting), while masking from users - as well as from the administrator and developers - the encryption complexity of conventional solutions by eliminating the need for a key directory or certificate management.

Stand-alone operation. Securicam™" allows each user to generate and certify personalized keys. This personalized certification feature obviates the need for conventional solutions using key management infrastructure. The administrator manages a list of assigned and canceled cards for members of the user group but is not required to manage keys or certificates, ensuring that the user and administrator are independent.

Innovation. The personalized certification feature empowers each user with the ability to temporarily delegate to a third-party his or her signature, access to data and - a never-before-offered feature - rights to decrypt messages.

A Natural Approach to Providing Secure Information Without Third-Party Certification

Securicam™ implements public keys without the need for infrastructure support. It uses Atos' patented Light PKI* (LPKI) concept to eliminate the need for public key infrastructure (PKI) third-party authentication to provide secure information. This streamlined approach helps to lower the total cost of security.

Securicam™ was designed by Atos and developed in partnership with Schlumberger and SCORT. It was certified by the French Ministry of Finance and Industry in October 1999 under the Information Society Program.
Schlumberger uses Securicam™ for its Payflex card and SCORT applies the Securicam!" solution in its SCORT Mainframe Secure Access!" offer to protect Web-based access to IBM, Bull and Unix mainframe applications.
Securicam™ is a registered trademark of Atos.

About Atos
Atos, a leading European e-services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through a better use of technology. With fiscal 1999 sales of EUR 1 083 million, of which 33% was derived outside France, and a staff of 11 000 employees working in 11 European countries, Atos is focussed on providing companies strong expertise in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management.

About Schlumberger Test & Transactions
Schlumberger Test & Transactions provides consulting, integration and products for testing and measurement of semiconductor devices, smart-card based transactions, IP (Internet Protocol) network security and wireless services. With 1999 revenue of $1.2 billion and over 7000 employees in more than 40 countries, it is a business segment of Schlumberger Limited (NYSE: SLB), a global technology services company with 1999 revenue of $8.4 billion. More information is available at http://www.slb.com.

SCORT is a software maker founded in 1996. SCORT s customers are primarily large corporations. SCORT already has over 130 customer references in a variety of sectors such as banking, insurance, distribution, services and administration. The results of a study conducted in April 2000 by IDC, (a market analysis firm) ranked SCORT as the Web-to-Host leader in France in 1999 with a market share of 50% in the Extranet-Internet niche. SCORT has offices in Europe and North America (the Boston office opened up for business in June 1999). In April 1999, SCORT raised funds from major venture capital firms such as AXA Placement Innovation, Innovafrance, Portefeuille Innovation (Groupe CIC Paris), Sofinindex and Ventech. For more information: http://www.scort.com.

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