“Atos Integrates Wireless SMS Service Into Its Multimedia Platform”

PARIS, FRANCE - June 23, 2000

Atos, a leading European IT services provider, has integrated a new service into its multimedia platform to enable SMS messaging to GSM mobile phones. The service is designed for business applications with the capability to manage one-to-one marketing campaigns.

Following incorporation of new voicemail, speech recognition and WAP services, Atos now offers corporate clients the ability to use the Short Message Service (SMS) to send short text messages to GSM mobile phones.

To deliver large-scale SMS capability, the Atos multimedia platform has been connected to the SMS centers of all of France's mobile phone carriers. In addition to these connections, Atos can sequence SMS messages to match specific user profiles and send up to 30 messages per second using a multi-event annunciator engine capable of processing any kind of incoming data stream.

Serving Strategic Customer Relationship Management Requirements

The new service covers a mass audience as large as that of television, with the added advantage of being able to target specific segments. SMS messaging is compatible with all commercial mobile phones and can be used to conduct mass marketing campaigns and communicate with employees and business partners.

With this new capability, Atos provides businesses with fast, timely access to as many as several thousand customers matching specific user profiles. Typically, the service can be used to:

  • Announce short-time-only sales or promotional offers.
  • Issue stock market alerts.
  • Provide regular bank statements.
  • Send a corporate message to employees in the field.

Empowering Clients with SMS Campaign Capability

Atos provides its clients with a Web-based supervisory control tool based on the Control Reporting Billing (CRB) feature.

Using a multi-criteria end-user database hosted by Atos or integrated into the client's system, Atos enables users to:

  • Prepare SMS messages.
  • Select SMS target audiences through multi-criteria database searching.
  • Couple a recipient file with an SMS message.
  • Schedule sequenced message transmission to meet marketing objectives, on an hourly or other basis.
  • Manage transmission of messages to French mobile phone carriers (Itinéris, SFR, Bouygues Telecom), with automatic failure management and re-send feature.

Atos' SMS service includes a reporting feature to create and deliver personalized status reports indicating when a message was sent, data transfer rates and other information.

Atos offers the capability to generate invoicing files when required by the transmitted information.

Event Announcement for Automatic SMS Campaigns

For customer-focused marketing campaigns with recurring information, Atos provides an event annunciator engine that:

  • Incorporates all information sources that clients want to offer end-users, including promotional messages, but also financial information, account statements, news streams, sports results, game scores and movie schedules.
  • Automatically matches the information sources with pre-recorded user profiles.
  • Generates automatic alerts.

Atos, a leading European e-services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through better use of new technologies. In particular, it is strategically focused on providing value-added solutions in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management. The Group employs 11,000 people in 11 European countries and reported fiscal 1999 revenue of EUR 1,083 million, 33% of which was derived outside France.


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