“Atos Introduces St@tiWeb, A New Marketing Research Solution over the Internet”

Paris, France - March 23, 2000

Atos, a leading European IT services provider, announced today that it has introduced St@tiWeb, a new online marketing research solution that enables advertisers, retailers, and advertising agencies to collect information over the Internet or corporate intranets.

St@tiWeb is a new Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) program designed to leverage the full power of the Internet. It was developed by Statilogie, the Atos CRM consulting and marketing research subsidiary that offers a comprehensive range of custom-designed surveys, polls and studies. The new solution, which is especially well suited to quantitative studies, can be used to conduct several marketing research campaigns at once, based on interviews with both consumer netizens and business users. In particular, the computer assisted web interviewing system, unlike HTML form-based interviewing, tracks the respondent's navigation throughout the interview process. Each answer is validated in real-time and the system facilitates the management of complex studies.

St@tiWeb covers a full array of interview-based research, including customized surveys, subscribed surveys and demographically targeted panels (of lawyers, software companies, Web users, online traders, etc.). It is an end-to-end solution with comprehensive, personalized services, from questionnaire preparation to recommendations for action.

More specifically, Statilogie's marketing research programs over the Internet cover the following products:

  • Surveys of Net-user behavior and attitudes, concerning a product or service.

  • One-to-one polling, to identify site visitor profiles and target advertising and online sales to each one's demographics, buying patterns and expectations.

  • Website evaluation to optimize site design, content, user-friendliness, and payment security.

Benefits of the St@tiWeb solution include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Field budgets for online surveys are smaller than for mail interviews, and even lower than for telephone or face-to-face interviews.

  • Performance: St@tiWeb software can be used to design any type of survey, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. It can also integrate multimedia components complying with customer graphic standards, while its Web capability makes it ideal for multi-lingual surveys.
  • Speed: Raw survey data are available almost immediately.

Atos, a leading European information technology services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through a better use of technology. With fiscal 1999 sales of EUR 1 083 million, of which 33% was derived outside France, and a staff of 11 000 employees working in 11 European countries, Atos is focussed on providing companies strong expertise in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management.


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