“Atos Opens WAP Access for Businesses and the General Public”

Paris, France - February 8, 2000

Atos, a leading French and European online services provider, is strengthening its technological leadership with the introduction of France's first open WAP1 gateway. The gateway will enable:

  • Businesses to discover and access emerging applications.
  • The general public to access all WAP services freely accessible in the marketplace.

The new service comprises three modules: the technological gateway per se, a package of WAP services and a website to assist new users.


1 - The WAP gateway provides access to all WAP sites
The new gateway gives all WAP-compatible mobile phone owners access to WAP services around the world. Thanks to modem access provided by Atos, the gateway is accessible free-of-charge and compatible with all mobile phone carriers, without exception. It was developed through a technological partnership formed in June 1998 with the major cellular phone makers, such as Ericsson and Nokia, and integrates their technology. The gateway, which is available to businesses and the general public, allows any company with a website either to develop its own WAP services or - like Cadres Online, Les Echos and Fimatex - to outsource the project to Atos.


2 - A dedicated website offering an easily accessible package of WAP services
The site, which can be reached by any WAP-compatible mobile phone, provides access to:

  • WAP sites designed by Atos for its major customers, such as Cadres Online, Les Echos and Fimatex‚Ķ
  • Other non-Atos WAP websites, accessible via a hyperlink.
  • An overview of Atos' WAP technology capabilities.

3 - The www.wapfr.net site to help users explore the WAP universe
The website, which is structured in three sections, provides access to:

  • A help page enabling WAP-compatible mobile phone subscribers to configure their unit and quickly access WML2 applications.
  • An automatic telephone configuration system allowing users to enter their mobile phone number and receive an SMS3 message from Atos that automatically configures their phone. The service, which is currently available for the Nokia 7110, will be systematically extended to new WAP-compatible phones as they enter the market.
  • Links to other WAP technology websites, like WAP Forum, and to WAP emulators for Windows or Palm Pilot.

Atos, a leading European information technology services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through better use of new technologies. In particular, it is strategically focused on providing value-added solutions in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management. The Group employs 11,000 people in 11 European countries and reported fiscal 1999 revenue of EUR 1,083 million, 33% of which was derived outside France. For more information, visit the website at www.atos-group.com



Marie-Tatiana Collombert
Tel: + 33 1 49 00 96 33


1 WAP (Wireless Application Protocol): a standard serving Internet content and services to mobile phones.
2 WML (Wireless Markup Language): a language to display data on mobile phone screens.
3 SMS (Short Message Service): a service for sending text or encoded messages to mobile phones.