“Atos Training Center Offers Unique Change Support Program”

Paris, January 11, 2000

The Atos Training Center, a specialist in educational engineering, has put together a unique "Change Support" program that prepares users to deal with upgrades and other changes in a company's information system.

At a time when IT solutions have to offer increasing flexibility and use the latest technology, success hinges on the ability to integrate information, in particular through an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Because integration helps improve productivity and create competitive advantage, it is of strategic importance to large companies. But too often their responses focus on technological objectives and neglect their human capital. Atos, on the other hand, builds the "humanware" component into each of its solutions, by leveraging information technologies to use a company's "most valuable asset" to best advantage.

As Samy Arzoine, head of the Atos Training Center, explains: "By keeping our ear to the market, we were able to anticipate user requirements in dealing with change and to provide access to our consultants with the necessary IT and telecom expertise."

From its experience with large companies and institutions, Atos has put together a unique program that gives users the support they need and enables companies to transition smoothly through a period of technological change. The program is structured around three components:

  • Communication: to inform users, increase their awareness and gain acceptance.
  • Training: to facilitate their understanding and use of applications.
  • Documentation: to help them work independently.

Each module is supported with Atos training materials, including trainer and trainee kits, user documentation, reference manuals, procedure guides, and on-line help programs.

The Atos Training Center

With more than 25 years experience in educational engineering, the Atos Training Center offers a full catalog of over 250 courses covering the wide range of corporate IT environments. The Center's team of 70 trainers and consultants trains approximately 10,000 people each year and serves more than 700 clients.


Atos, a leading European information technology services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through better use of new technologies. In particular, it is strategically focused on providing value-added solutions in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management. The Group employs 11,000 people in 11 European countries and reported fiscal 1999 revenue of EUR 1,083 million, 33% of which was derived outside France.


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