“Atos Successfully Builds and Deploys Knowledge Management System for French Army”

Paris, FRANCE - September 19, 2000

Atos, a leading European IT services provider, announced today that it has successfully developed a sophisticated knowledge management system for the French Army. Known by its French acronym as Geode, the system leverages legacy assets and enables users to share knowledge gained in studies and training missions carried out in the past. Atos teams also managed deployment of the system at 22 Army centers across France.

Geode's role in the Army's knowledge data base
Geode is the first stage in the creation of a unified documentary database for the French Army. As such, it has been developed upstream from implementation of other documentary and information systems, such as the Internet, the Army intranet and the NATO document center. Compared with these more open systems, Geode offers databases that are more secure and more reliable, and therefore provides a powerful, efficient foundation for the growing use of documentary resources.

Geode supports the critical process of data interchange between organizations in charge of analyzing and preparing the French armed forces. Its document directory provides a data base that can be used to conduct operational and technical-operational studies, as well as to prepare drills, maneuvers and other operations.

The Geode project
The Geode system comprises 22 interconnected client-server platforms. Software developed using the D.OM1 program uses some of the market's most advanced components. The system core is a Hewlett-Packard server and an Oracle relational database containing all the stored electronic information. Documents are entered and updated on scanner-equipped workstations, whose semantics-based SPIRIT search engine lets users easily get around the system.

The entire application is secure and allows each center to select the documents it wishes to deliver to the other centers.

1D.OM (Delphia Object Modeler) is an object-oriented computer-aided software engineering (CASE) program developed by Atos in 1993.

Project deployment
In May, Atos teams successfully deployed the system at 22 sites across France, enabling around 150 officers and non-coms to share a single documentary database. A reference site manages system configuration and maintains system integrity.

The system was built for CROSAT, a French Army research center. It will be maintained by Atos under the responsibility of CDES, the Army high command for doctrine and military instruction.

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