“Liberty Surf Picks Atos To Manage Subscriber Payments”

PARIS, FRANCE - June 21, 2000

Liberty Surf, France's leading free Internet access provider, has selected Atos to manage its subscriber payments. With its highly effective Secure Internet Processing Services (SIPS) solution, Atos delivers a full range of services including secure bank card payment.

Atos is providing reliable secure payment processing for the three Liberty Telecom connection-plus-phone-cost packages that Liberty Surf offers Internet users. Payment may be made via bank card or direct debit.

Secure Bank Card Payment
Atos enables secure bank card payment with its highly effective Secure Internet Processing Services (SIPS) solution using tried-and-tested encryption techniques that comply with European regulations. The system includes a full suite of functions for secure payment over the Internet and for the related management operations. It leverages mainstream payment technologies for Internet transactions, including SSL certificates, SET solutions and Cyber-COMM, as well as GSM-based payment media using smart card readers.

Direct Debit Payment
The procedure for direct debit payment is simple and easy. A new Liberty Telecom subscriber sends Atos a direct debit authorization and a personal bank account identification. Atos checks and validates the information, then processes the transactions to credit Liberty Surf's account.

About Liberty Surf
In April, one year after introducing the concept of free Internet access in France, Liberty Surf had 1,023,929 subscribers, while 501,255 Internet users have logged in via Liberty Surf at least once in the last 40 days. Since its inception, Liberty Surf has acquired majority stakes in Nomade.fr, Respublica.fr, AXS Telecom, X-Stream (a free Internet access pioneer in the UK) and Hispa Vista, a Spanish Internet portal. These acquisitions make Liberty Surf a key Internet and telecom services provider and, most importantly, position it to implement a Europe-wide growth strategy. Liberty Surf was listed on France's monthly settlement market on March 16 at a price of 41 euros. It is currently owned primarily by Europ@web, with nearly a 38% interest, and the Kingfisher Group, which also holds nearly a 38% stake.

About Atos
Atos, a leading e-services provider, is dedicated to helping companies grow and develop faster through better use of new technologies. In particular, it is strategically focused on providing value-added solutions in electronic commerce, customer relationship management and supply chain management. The Group employs 11,000 people in 11 European countries and reported fiscal 1999 revenue of EUR 1,083 million, 33% of which was derived outside France. It is a leading provider of payment and transaction management services in Europe, with solutions including electronic purses, secure payment over the Internet and via mobiles phones (m-commerce) and check imaging. In 1999, those services accommodated more than 2 billion bank card transactions and 1.2 billion check transactions.


Atos - Marie-Tatiana Collombert
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Liberty Surf - Stéphanie Raynaud
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