“Club Dial Chooses Atos To Revamp and Manage its E-Commerce Platform”

Paris, France - February 7, 2000

www.clubdial.fr / 3615 CLUBDIAL / +33 (0) 891 67 67 71

Club Dial, France's leading music, DVD and video catalog retailer, is outsourcing all its e-commerce services to Atos and has asked Atos to completely revamp its website.

After more than three years of working together, Club Dial has now selected Atos to administer and manage all of its e-commerce operations. In the future, the Club's online services will offer significantly improved capabilities in the areas of customer relationship management, one-to-one marketing and customer tracking.

"To optimize our e-commerce system, we had to merge our various on-line services," says Denis Boyer de la Giroday, Club Dial's chairman and CEO. "Atos' solution offered the best guarantees in terms of operations management and applications scaling, particularly regarding our new customer loyalty program."

Club Dial's e-commerce business uses three main multimedia channels: a website (www.clubdial.fr), a videotext service (3615 CLUBDIAL), and an interactive voice response server (08 91 67 67 71).

The website, which Atos developed and hosts, was recently redesigned from top to bottom. New features include administration and management of Club Dial's entire product database, with Verity's Search 97 search engine (embedded in Sybase), management of special offers, discounts and other sales transactions, online account tracking (such as last order status) and management of online sign-up to Club Dial's Music, DVD and Video clubs.

Atos' technological expertise enabled it to engineer a complete overhaul of the online ordering services. Each channel was treated as a separate sales channel, with its own special ergonomics and customer approach, although all are operated from a common technical platform. The 3-tier architecture of Atos' WORLDline platform links all the channels to a single database and to a set of business objects developed in the common middleware. Information management and applications scaling are now much easier and overall costs have been reduced.

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